Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunshine Sunday

 Even though my husband had cleaned off the driveway super duper well after the snowstorm, the temperatures fell and it soon became a skating rink out there.
He warned me not to go outside since the sidewalk was slick as well... AND the back deck.
He was out early cleaning it even more, and then the sun came out
 and began melting snow from the driveway as well as the trees.
 Once more our beloved mountains came into view...
 Much of the snow on the driveway in this view from the back deck, has now melted away, taking away the 'slick' factor so that I could go outside once again.
 It's the one thing I love about snowstorms.... how the world goes from a gray slate sky
to a chilling blue.
Thirteen inches was not so bad.... the storm could have been much worse as people in D.C. and Maryland can tell you.
Wishing you all a safe and beautiful Sunday.


  1. Your property is so lovely! We didn't get as much as a flake of snow here - so bizarre the way this storm went!!

  2. Looks beautiful . . .
    Snow, blue sky, sunshine . . .
    A Winner Winter Weekend . . .