Friday, September 23, 2016

Weekly Round-Up

 What a wonderful week we had!
Early in the week this lovely, pumpkin design pillow cover arrived from Stacey at Poofing The Pillows.  Leaving a comment was all a person had to do, and then let the random comment picker do the rest of the work.
It chose my name, and I couldn't be more in love with the pillow cover to help celebrate the Autumn Equinox and show my love for the season on our porch!  Thank you so much, Stacey!
That same evening we ate hearty homemade lettuce salads with grilled chicken breasts on our porch.  It's just a perfect place to be this time of year.
 as these two fur babies can attest.  They too are loving the cooler weather.
We also celebrated our wedding anniversary with dinner out on Wednesday evening, at Carlos Brazilian Restaurant which sits on a mountain hillside and offers views of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains and also of the setting sun..
 The company (my husband) and I REALLY enjoyed our celebration this year!
 A litte wine.
 and a little chicken, shrimp, crabmeat and pasta for me,
 while he enjoyed rice, keilbasa, clams and scallops.
 Then I did a naughty thing and ordered Key Lime Pie for dessert, and while my waistline fussed with me over the calories, my mouth said, "just shut up and enjoy".  And so I DID!
 And a piece of chocolate cake jumped onto his plate.
 Then the sunset put on a show for us.

 and just as we arrived home after dinner, it looked like this!
Can you think of a more perfect view to end your day?
 We awoke Thursday morning to a blue and gold sunrise, nearly as awe-worthy as the sunset the night before.
 and enjoyed some of our anniversary flowers on the deck as we sipped coffee.

 This could be the last sign of summer, the last butterfly of the season, which fluttered about my butterfly bush this week also.

 Like I said.... just a PERFECT week for us!
Thanks for stopping by to see us.

Monday, September 19, 2016

NASA Ruined My Astrological Sign

 This was the sky as I once knew it.....
it was our sunrise one day last week.

And this is another sunrise photo taken just recently from our deck.
I'm sure that had I faced in the opposite direction that there may have still been a star or two, or maybe an entire constellation visible to the naked eye.
It wasn't my constellation... Aquarius. BUT I'm sure it was someone's who loved it.

 But NASA had to go and ruin that for me.  They updated the constellations which changed my sign.
No longer an Aquarian.... guess now I am considered to be a Capricorn?
they added a new sign.
Oh pee yew chus.
Can't you just leave things alone, NASA?

In case you are wondering where you now fit in, under which sign...
Total UGH!

You'll Have To Come Back Next Year, Loser

Let me just say this.....
 The sunflower festival which started and ENDED on Saturday is OVER.
This is private property, and for those who have now taken it upon themselves to drive up onto the property and continue taking photos ON THE PROPERTY on Sunday, the day AFTER the festival,
you should probably note that the land owners have posted no trespassing signs and WILL enforce it by having people arrested who no longer belong there.
 You are welcome to stop out on the road and take photos, but let me remind you that it can, at times, be a busy road and you may not want to take your life into your own hands along the roadway.

 WE don't have gorgeous sunflowers blooming on our property, but in the past have had people, lookie loos, who cannot see our home from the roadway since it is hidden by the forest at the front of our property... so they drive up the lane to see what is up here.
We, as well as the other two homeowners on our lane posted No Trespassing signs a year or so ago, and it has kept people out, except for one over-zealous Social Security Part D insurance salesman.
We too would choose to have trespassers arrested, so.... adhere to the signs that the owner of the sunflower fields has posted.
I mean....
You think you can just drive up onto their property for a photo op uninvited?
Well.... hope you have someone to bring you cookies when you are in jail.

The festival is over, People.

A Great Cabbage Casserole

*free live sunflower from the festival on Saturday*
*sure brightens up the kitchen!*

Never let it be said that there is no love for cabbage in our house!
I bought a head of it last week and had not yet done anything with it, and my husband insisted that it not go to waste.... he's like that.  Always riding my case about something.

So, last night was the night, and a cabbage roll casserole was popped into the oven.
We like cabbage rolls, but unless the cabbage leaves are big enough for wrapping purposes, they just don't turn out well, so instead, we found a recipe for a casserole with all of the same ingredients.
It went into the oven looking like this
 and it came out of the oven looking like this!

 This was a VERY large pan of casserole with much of it leftover, some of which we will eat for tonite's evening meal, and still plenty leftover that we have opted to freeze for another time, because having a meal that you can take out of the freezer and heat up is a wonderful thing.
Cooking for two every night of the year can be more than a retired couple, or the mom of a house full of kids, wants to do every. single. day.
  We adjusted the recipe and used only 1 pound of ground beef, one cup of cooked rice instead of 2, and two strips of bacon instead of 4.... There is one other change we would make, and that is to cook the cabbage a bit before it goes into the casserole.... some pieces were a bit more crunchy than we would have liked.
That being said.... the flavor of this casserole was DELICIOUS, a great combination of spices.
Enjoy yours with a glass of wine!


Do read some of the suggestions on the recipe page, like adding carrots!  That sounds yummy!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Sunny Side Of Life

 Today was a good day.
For the most part.

 I attended the very first ever Beaver Dam Farm Sunflower Festival, which they hope to hold each year.  Interest was good by the community, the parking lot was over-flowing, and although the skies were over-cast, it kept temperatures down so that not ALL the two year olds were making demands.
But that's just the norm for two year olds, isn't it?

 The sunflowers were happy, and although there were ONLY thirty acres of them, they seemed to go on forever into the distance.  
 I'll just let you look at a few more of the MANY photos I snapped today, and you can finish up with a video I put together at the bottom of this post.  It's kind of a pre-requisite to our wedding anniversary which we will be celebrating in a few days.

Thank you SO MUCH Beaver Dam Farm!
It was an enjoyable day and I know that all of the Botetourt County residents feel the same way I do.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Just For Them

I suppose you could say that we have lived in enough homes, that by this decade in our lives we know all of the finer necessities and elements in a house that make it a livable house.
Now, when you have a back door to a house, it's imperative, in our humble opinion, that there be a cover of some type over the door... front door of the house too.  Simply entering or leaving a home by way of a door with no cover and having to stand out in the pouring rain or snow just doesn't cut it.
The BEST thing we added to this house since our purchase in 2013 was the roof covering over the basement entry to the house.... 
Having rain, or snow that piles up. butting up against a door sill leads to wood rot as well.
IT will save you headaches and construction repair costs in the years ahead to add some type of cover over your entryways.
And, it gives your guests a feeling of welcome if they aren't soaking wet when they step indoors.
Dress the area up a bit and everyone will be happier.
And, if you have fur babies, they will be happy about this too!
It gives them time to consider if they want to step out from under the dry roof and do their business.
It can be a BIG decision for them when it's raining and thundering.
Yes yes.... we built our entryway roof just for them.