Monday, April 24, 2017

It Will Have To Wait

 I've lost track, but I THINK this is day three of rain.  Constant rain.  A light constant rain.
 I cancelled today's dental cleaning since driving to my dentist entails an hour on Interstate 81, and even on dry roads I am wary of the drive.  So it's cancelled and re-scheduled for early June.  
The pansies are in heaven with this cool 47 degree morning weather and the unstoppable moisture.
 The rain is knocking the pink petals off the azalea bush. but the phlox seems to be taking the weather in stride this week.
 So it's time for other things to put a a bit of color into our landscape.
 Cedar mulch was ordered and arrived that same day.
We love the quality of any soil or mulch they deliver to us.
High quality stuff.
 My husband is such a hands on guy and can never just sit and watch.
He swings the back of the dump truck open, and would probably hop in the cab and do the dumping of the mulch if they would let him.  LOL 
 And of course there is always extra help waiting to help and make the job go faster.
 We planted this Elsie Lee azalea two years ago.... it's not growing as quickly as a few of the other bushes, but it's healthy and within a couple more years should be the height of another just like it that we have.  This is more of an upright azalea bush... it gets four to five feet high when maturity is reached.

 Soft petals that almost remind me of a hibiscus or possibly a carnation.
Enjoy the day, Ladies, and...

 don't let all this rain
 get you down.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Rainy Day Misc Chatter

 It's a quiet Saturday here. We had random rain sprinkles for a couple of days, but now today and for the next couple of days we are having RAIN.  Seems kind of nice to be all snug as a bug in the house and not having to go anywhere while the April showers happen outside.
 I thought I would show you a bit more about the PopSocket.  They come in such cute designs.  You can see mine in the photo above attached to the back of my iPhone. 
 Here it is pulled out and tilted in such a position that the phone sits on a surface.  You can easily view a video when in this position.  It's handy!
I also use it as a handle for extra grip when reading websites.
 It's cute, and at some point I may order one using one of my own photos on it.  

 Just a shot taken a week ago of the phlox as it snugs up around a stone.  It's so pretty and makes a super ground cover for springtime color in the yard.
 So, there's the back wall of the porch which we have not yet made a decision on as to whether or not we will be taking down the vinyl shingles and using something lighter.  I have a counter height, tile top table ordered for the corner on the right.  Should be here within 10-14 days.
 Dinners on the porch have consisted of cucumber, onion and bell pepper salads sprinkled with Zesty Italian dressing and a bit of Dill Weed.  Just adds a bit of fine flavor to the mix.
Asparagus and barbecued chicken have been high on our list this spring also.
In fact, we planted asparagus in the garden about three years ago and are just now able to take some cuttings of our very own asparagus.
It's delicious!
 These are photos of our freshly picked asparagus.
It may not look like a lot, but they were fat and tasty, grilled to perfection and can't wait for more sprouts to be ready for us.

Now.... back to my rainy day and eating one of those cookies baking out in the kitchen by the loving hands of my husband.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


 We have had a little bit of spring weather this week.  Dark clouds hover, with just a tad of thunder, and even a smaller amount of tad in the raindrops department.

 Izzy, our scaredy cat girl, felt the arrival of a storm in the distance even before we knew it would be coming, and she began a bit of panting and pacing around....
 So we pulled out the mighty Thunder Shirt and before long she had settled into the day and stopped the panting and pacing routine.

 She used to pace and pant for hours and hide away in a dark room.  Nothing seemed to calm her down, and although she is still not perfectly calm when storms are approaching, her huge panic attacks have now become much more manageable for her sweet little pea pickin' heart.

Izzy weighs around 80 pounds and wears a size large, just to give you an idea.
IF you have a pup who suffers each time storms approach, or fireworks boom overhead on New Years and the Fourth Of July, try making the investment of a Thunder Shirt for your little sweetie pie pup.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Goings On On The Porch

 First let me say, that even if we did nothing right now to change our screened porch, I would still be ecstatic that we even have one.
We use it so often, sit out there nearly every day for morning coffee, lunch, and also evening meals when weather permits.
The pups are thinking the porch is pretty cool also.
 Morning birds, afternoon warmth of the sunshine, and a few mountain views peek through the trees.
 I spent a bit of money last year on new seating for the porch after we decided NOT to spend 40 to 50K on having it enclosed to a four season porch.
 The thousand dollars spent on furniture felt oh so much better on the bank account than pulling all of that 401k money out.  The only thing we are giving up is getting to spend the winter months out there.
This year I have added a few kitschy solar toys simply because they make me smile.... and they are super cheap.
Guess that means I am super cheap.
 The porch was added to the house by the previous owner and the screens have now seen their better days with numerous holes that allow for the entry of bugs.  Wasps!
 And, since the screeners are going to start tomorrow, by building a scaffolding to get to two sides of the porch which is at the second level of our home, my husband had to take action over the week-end.
 The paper wasp nest was hanging from where the screeners will be working, so it simply had to go.

 You can't tell from these photos just how bad the screens are, but the wasps knew it and having them inside the porch just didn't work for me.  Did you know that wasps are carniverous?  Yep.  So they smell that chicken barbecuing on the grill, and they smell it on your plate, and getting inside the porch is something they REALLY want to do while you sit there dining in fear that they will locate one of those holes in the screen.  
Definitely NOT my idea of fine dining.

 The nest was hanging just to the left of where the right hand rain spout meets the eave.
 My husband knocked it to the ground and the only resident was the Queen.... she evidently meant to set up shop there this year. 
 If you ever get the opportunity to hold a part of a paper wasp nest, you will be surprised at the fine quality of paper they make for their nest.  And the striping is quite beautiful.

 Here is our last night's dinner, which we had on the porch.
A cucumber salad,
 and grilled asparagus and chicken breast.
 My husband adds LOTS of tomatoes to his salad.
 This is the inside back wall of our porch.  As you can see, the previous owner used UGLY BROWN VINYL SHINGLE SIDING to the back of the house.... and my husband is looking to remove these and give this porch wall a more refined look. I'll let you know what comes of that idea, as we continue to make this porch a more appealing space for us, without spending that hard earned 401k money.
Stay tuned.