Friday, October 28, 2016

Five Pasta Recipes From Carly

Who doesn't love it?
At our house pasta usually means a very large salad with lots of peppers, onions and tomatoes.
 Maybe throw in some beans for added flavor... one of my fave things to do.
have it with a meaty homemade red sauce and top it off with some grilled chicken, maybe some melted cheese too.

Today I came across the website of a college student... a busy gal, and she listed five pasta recipes that are on her LOVE list.
I def want to try some of these... they all look delicious.

Thanks Carly at The College Prepster!

Ho Ho Plaid

 My husband sent me off to make a purchase for him in town a few days ago, and it just happened to be at a store near Kirklands....
 And you know how much me loves some Kirklands.
 It's early for Christmas, but if you don't buy some things early, then you miss out on fun brown and red plaid pillows.
 as well as red volkswagons hauling Christmas trees on top pillows!
 So these adorable throw pillows came along home with me.
 The volkswagon is embroidered!  Beep Beep!
 and it looks so great with the plaid pillows,
 which, by the way.... have FUR TRIM!!
I know that you traditional Christmas folks don't want anything Christmasy in the house until after Thanksgiving, but as I said... if you don't buy these now, they'll be gone and you'll have to buy all the duddy looking stuff.
As for me?
If it shouts fun.... I will have it now and use it now.
I mean... they're just pillows.. it's not as though I have my Christmas tree up yet.


Sunday, October 23, 2016

He Continues The Harvest

It was another day under clear blue skies, and my husband continued the harvesting of his tomatoes... the garden that just keeps on giving this year it would seem.  Then he gathered fallen leaves from the Bradford Pear trees and nestled them around my porch pumpkin for a bit of color... he's quite the porch decorator these days.  LOL
I had planned to go into town, but my sciatic has been poking at me for a few days and I decided to stay home and give it another day of peace so that it will leave. me. alone!

Lots of Thermacare heat pads seem to be helping things along, as well as a Bayer aspirin here and there.
But enough about me....
Tell us what's new with you!
AND... would you just check out the blue October sky in the photo up above.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Life Is Finite

You all know, as I have expressed it here so many times, how much I love autumn,
but it can at times bring on the feeling or the realization that there is a finite-ness in life, and the older I get the stronger those feelings become each year.

Yesterday morning we had a small rainstorm pass through and the winds kicked up a bit.
My husband headed out to the garden to pick more tomatoes that are still ripening as we await the first frost of the season, and the pups headed out with him to romp behind the garden.... one of their favorite places to play on our property, because that's where lots of small critters hide.  Rowdy especially loves running into the woods and works hard to stir up fear in the hearts of squirrels. gophers, bunnies and sometimes even a fox.

So, here's my video of just a few minutes from our day with the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind, my husband carrying the tomatoes to the house, and the pups as they scamper in the cool air.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Giving Up The Color So Soon?

 This was our morning view today as we stepped out to the porch to drink our first cup of coffee.
What a delicious view!
 These snapshots of the driveway and Rowdy watching over his domain were snapped a day or two ago, and I am SOOOO glad I took them when I did,
 because by 9AM today it was raining and gusting and bringing leaves to the ground faster than you can spell deciduous correctly.
 It's also twenty degrees cooler than yesterday.... a nice change when it comes to comfort, although you won't convince my 62 year old knees of that.
 The crepe myrtle is giving it up for this year.

Ten days until Halloween and then it's November already.
Started thinking about Christmas yet and that whole red and green vibe?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Back To New Music

Terrific Tuesday to you!

There was a time when EVERY Tuesday on this blog was devoted to new music.... I then got away from doing such a post because to put it simply... it was way too much work.
BUT, today I came across these artists, and they had Vince Gill on the CD, so I mean... VINCE. GILL. !!
I've always loved his soft croon.

So here is Johnnyswim  and 'Lonely Night In Georgia'.

And here is an older video by Johnnyswim that caught my ear and eye.
So cute with the dune buggy.  Oh I miss the dune buggy week-ends at Dad's house!!

Here they are doing 'Christmas Waltz'  because they have a Christmas CD from a year or two ago that's pretty nice!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Kerchief And Hat Moon

 What you get with a handheld point and shoot when aimed at a full moon, with no special settings on your camera and the porch light on before sunrise.
 ...... a fuzzy glowing globe moon in a dark sky
 with no distinct outline.
 The pups were out doing their 'thing' around the west corner of the house,
while I in my kerchief and he in his hat.....
Nope, no reindeer yet.
Just a fuzzy full moon in the morning fog.