Thursday, March 22, 2018

It's Been A While

 Yes, it has been a while, and while I was away, we went from these gorgeous tulip trees in bloom

 and pansies and violets in our front porch pots,
(see below)

 We thought spring was here but the warm greeting of flowers on the front porch and back deck meant nothing.

 It truly was spring one day and the next day we woke up to eight inches of snow which had come overnight..
Twenty hours of snow to be exact.

All of the winter weather had returned on the first day of spring.
More may be on the way this week-end.

And since enjoyed the great outdoors had been cancelled by Mother Nature,
we instead opted to find an indoor project to do.
Stay tuned for my next post for that.

Happy Spring!! or not.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Educated, A Memoir

From days of blue skies and sunshine, short sleeved shirts and flip flops......
letting us know that winter is done and gone in the middle of February,

to days of gray skies, clouds and rain that keep us indoors
with nothing to do but stare at dying Valentine's Day roses.
YES... this year my roses lasted forever!

Needless to say, our weather has given us whiplash from sun up to sun down with a few downpourings of rain in the middle of the night.....  We never know what to expect from hour to hour.
I'm bored as can be this time of the year and I don't know why I don't just hop a plane to Tahiti and fuh ged aboud it.

Lots of NPR interviews keep me somewhat entertained, and a conversation with author Tara Westover had me heading to town to buy her latest book.
"Educated.  A Memoir".
Can't wait to jump into it and hear her entire story!

Looks like more gray skies tomorrow, so it may be a good day to
start turning some pages.

Anyone else read it?
What did you think about it?

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Has It Sprung?

 Your area of the country may be digging out of snow, or simply waiting for those heaps and heaps of it to melt and just GO AWAY!  We, on the other hand, have not had much of it this year, and now it's been rainy days followed by sunny days and over 70 degree temperatures driving us to even eat dinner on the screened porch last night.
 My husband gave me a gift card to Home Goods for my birthday a few weeks back, and as I was about to spend it and standing in line at the check outs, I noticed some really cute cloth carrots.
SPRINGTIME I shouted under my breath!
 So I grabbed two bunches of them and placed them in a wooden, elongated bowl/container which I had bought there a month or so ago.... they fit perfect and look great on the mantle in my springtime vignette.
 I took down all of the wintry pine cone branches and all of our birthday and valentines, as well as thank you cards we had received from the grandchildren, and I totally spruced this place up into a cheerier looking family room, which is at the center of our home.

 All of the yellow silk forsythia flowers are from years past, and since I place them in large Rubbermaid tubs when not in use, they stay quite nice from year to year.
I need to look at our live forsythia bush and see if it is blooming yet. The ones in the Roanoke Valley are all yellow now!
Happy bushes!!

 I've had the little brown bunny a few years and don't recall where I purchased him, but he hops onto the mantle every spring.

 The large hare is one of two that I have... the other one which is in our bedroom, and the gold LOVE artpiece is new this year and can be purchased at a Pier One store.  Our local store had been sold out after Valentines Day, but Monday they received a new shipment.... so I headed there yesterday since it was an item I REALLY thought I needed.
I LOVE IT and can use it year round if I choose to.
So thats' it.  I am ready for spring already, and even if we get more snow, well.... I really don't care, because in my heart spring has sprung already.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


This smile is put there today compliments of my husband who had roses delivered to our front door.
Roses, and I know they are cliche' when it comes to love,
but they truly are my favorite flower
on Valentine's Day.
He knows it.
He 'GETS ME' and what I like.

 He also made us a cherry pie.
Well.... it may have been Marie Callender who made it,
but who cares.
We had a piece mid-afternoon along with whipped cream on top.
 Your relationship may have changed over the years, but always try to remember that moment you fell in love. Be good to your sweetheart today.  Remember what made you love him in the first place.  That moment of Rapture. 
That's what's important.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Better Organized Letterss

 I've mentioned my letter board a few times in posts here on my blog, and changing the message is fun and keeps this area of the kitchen interesting for those who enter our home.
If nothing else, it serves to keep my busy in coming up with new phrases, whether they be funny, serious, or possibly invoking other emotions.
I also recently found this brand at Wal-Mart, which offered the additional option of putting up an entire word without having to spell it out letter by letter.  Smile. Dream. Home. Etc. 
I haven't used this set yet, but will be doing so in the future.

The one bothersome thing for me in changing a phrase on the board was finding the letters to use, since I didn't have anything other than a ziploc bag to keep the letters in, and when you have nearly 300 letters to dig through to find what you are looking for.... well.... it's annoying.
 I had searched on line at different craft stores for letter storage boxes and even went to one craft store to look at a few to check out the quality.
It was obvious that the hinges on the lid would most likely snap and give way after a month or two of usage.
 I talked to my husband about it and he said he had purchased these
nail and screw, nuts and bolts storage containers at Lowes.
I purchased two.... each one has 15 separate compartments which works out well for me in keeping the letters neat and tidy and easy to find when I am ready to change the letter board message.

 They are labeled as Compartment Storage boxes and the brand name is STACK-ON.
They come in numerous sizes all with different numbers of compartments.
Mine each have 15 compartments so that each letter of the alphabet has it's own place, and the numbers are all in one compartment and punctuation marks have their own.

I plan to put the 'spelled out words' in my new set in a compartment by themselves.

I can't say these boxes are pretty, but they are VERY functional and serve my purpose nicely.... they stack great so into the closet they will go.

I highly recommend!

LOWES has them!  Possibly other large box hardware stores do too.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

For Your Sweetheart's Breakfast

My husband is the cook in this house, and that's a good thing, since it's never been something I enjoyed doing.  I suppose you could call me a 'survival cook'.  I cook, only so that I can eat something to survive.  LOL  He cooks because he finds it to be more of an art?  Well, that's a weird way of putting it on my part, but it seems that he is always looking up recipes and trying something new.  
It's not quite 8AM as I type this, and already I hear something sizzling out on the stove.

A few times this past year he has made us pancakes for breakfast.  Now, I love pancakes, but do find them a bit heavy on the stomach at times, which brings me to what I remember having as a child.  Mom would make pancakes, but once in a while she made what we referred to as 'flapjacks', which were actually crepes.
Very thin pancakes that we then sprinkled with a bit of sugar and rolled up.  At least that's what my quite aged memory remembers them to be.

Gina at Skinny Taste had a lovely post about her recently passed Dad's recipe for crepes this morning HERE

I enjoyed this post about PANCAKES AROUND THE WORLD, which also has a nice video on  how easy it is to make Crepes.

Crepes, or flapjacks as we called them, are easy and fun and can be filled with the filling of your choice, so GO FOR IT!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Bored With Winter

 We have been lucky to have a few warm days, days with sunshine, scattered here and there in between the super cold days. Not much snow, but hopefully when springtime shows up the rains will come and save us all.
Naps on the front porch have been mandatory for some of us as we get through winter and wait for the daffodils to pop up and say HELLO.... I am springtime!

  If you lay in the sunshine and close your eyes, you can always imagine that spring is here.
 Valentines day will soon be here as well.... I love it, because I am somewhat of a selfish girl
and love the flowers, cards, and absolutely anything red or pink that arrives on my doorstep that day.

 In the meantime I am hiding in the house playing with phrases on my letterboard.
You really should get one and let your imagination go a bit crazy.

just a girl bored with winter.