Sunday, August 20, 2017

Pork and Pepper Poppers Too!

 Our Saturday evening meal could not have been tastier.
Friday was grocery day so I picked up a couple of bone in pork chops at Kroger.
 As I was making my selection at the meat counter I also noticed some cheesy, stuffed, bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers in the meat case.  I could have simply picked up some fresh jalapenos, stuffed and wrapped them myself at home, but why do that when the work was already done for me.
We placed them on the grill next to the chops and nibbled their deliciousness along with the chops for our dinner.
*note: probably would do them in the oven next time since the bacon grease TOTALLY flared up the flames on the grill which made it difficult to keep the heat under control*
And of course, what would a summer meal be without a baked acorn squash from our very own garden?
Summertime food is totally killer when it comes to the taste buds.

More tomatoes are ripening into sweet, shiny, red colors on the vine.
More acorn squash is on it's way,
we now have bell peppers too.
We will be doing stuffed bell peppers very soon.

Great tasting's what we live for each and every summer.

Days Of August

Here is a sweet summer video I did from movie clips taken over the past week.
The hummingbird moth was busy on this particular day... gosh I love those critters so much!

Friday, August 11, 2017

My Mr. Bozo

 Some months ago I purchased a few plastic dancing bobbles at the Dollar Store to sit on the screened porch and entertain us.
They are solar operated, cheap, cutsie items, and I figured once they quit working I would go back to the Dollar Store and grab a few more.
 Well, one day a stiff wind blew through the porch screens and the bobbles went tumbling to the floor... I didn't give their state of broken-ness a second thought, but obviously my Mr. Fix It, the retired engineer, needed something constructive to occupy his time that day.
 It was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud that afternoon when I walked into our small office off the kitchen and saw THIS!
 Obviously he wanted to save it's life, so he concocted a magnifying glass with a metal clip behind it and super glued the life back into the bobble toy.

 It works perfectly once again, and it saved me $1.00 at the Dollar Store.

I love that he can fix ANYTHING, but sometimes he's just such a Bozo.

That First One

 Well, Ladies and Gentlemen,
you now stand here and see before your very eyes the first tomato of the 2017 gardening season, right before your very eyes.
At least the first from OUR garden.
Did I mention that it's right before your very eyes?
Yes... your very eyes.
How magnificent.
 This is a Black Krim tomato, and let me tell ya.... the thing is HUGE.
So huge in fact that it nearly split in two.

 He carefully plucked it from it's vine,
sliced it up ever so neatly
stirred it into a cucumber and onion salad
and savored it bit by bit by bit.

"So much better than those cardboard tasting pretend tomatoes from the grocery store".
he said.
Here's a toast to many more such juicy home grown tomatoes.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Squish Squash

One of the best things in our garden each year is the acorn squash, and we had our first two ripened ones this past week.

 They were the perfect size for baking in the oven with a wee bit of butter and for me, a dash of brown sugar, just because that's how I roll.
 I think that August really has the best spoils that a garden has to offer.
The lettuce and radishes and summer squash, as well as cucumbers of June and July are always superb after a year of waiting for fresh produce grown in our very own backyard, but August??  Oh, it's really so much more delicious than the early summer veggies.
 We had pork chops on the grill the previous night, so pairing leftover chops with acorn squash?  YUM!!
What's ripened in your garden so far this month?  Is it providing you with fresh, tasty meals?

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Kermit May Not Agree

 The planting bed at the east side of our home is filled with wonderful greens, reds, fuschia and pinks, and although there are times I would love to add in more colors, there is simply not room.  We purchased our home in 2013 and have only added two bushes to this area since that time, the two butterfly bushes.
 One of the plants I love are the hosta, mostly just green, but a couple of varigated ones as well.... and they have light lavender blossoms, which by this time in August are just stalks that have been left behind that at one time held the lavender blossoms.

 Because their blossoms don't last long, and for the most part they are only big green leaves, they are sometimes seen as a boring plant, and there are SOME people who find them to be simply boring.
 Kermit may not agree with you.
He's a frog.... and frogs don't hide beneath these broad shady leaves.... but the toads on our property find them to be a great place to hide from the heat of the summer days, a place to burrow into and sleep safely through the night, a place to keep the heavy rains off their wee little heads.

 I like to think that they find comfort in this area of our property.

 Our hard rains the past two evenings brought down a few branches from the crepe myrtle which is now in high bloom, and some the petals have been scattered onto the bed below.
 The greens of summer are nothing like the greens we see here in the springtime, which are softer, less vivid and a sign of new life.
 Instead, the darker greens of August are a reminder that things will change in a matter of weeks.
These greens that Kermit loves so much are already bringing cooler nights to our doorstep,
more deer to the yard, more doe and their fawn, more bucks.... everyone already starting to fatten themselves for what lies ahead for all of us.
 And the Queen Anne's Lace is so lovely, like a white umbrella amidst the rainy ferns.
The clock runs far too fast for us these days, with it's tick tock tick tock from winter to spring, followed by summer to fall and then it re-winds and all happens again.
We can't keep up.

And tomorrow I'll bring you the fuschia of the crepe myrtle followed by a tomato that has begun to ripen.
My husband is pretty excited about THAT!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Headed For A Fall With Cooler Nights

 With temperatures just a tad lower, the butterflies have shown up.
I don't think they liked the extreme hot June and July any more than we humans did.
 But they came back, just in time to enjoy the last blooms of the butterfly bushes.
They were loaded with blooms earlier, but the butterflies just said, "nope".
 Butterflies can be tricky to photograph since they tend to close their wings the second you are ready to snap the pic, and open them when you are not ready.  
So sneaky.  But I do my best to get a shot or two of them open-winged.
 I did get some great video clips of them, but Youtube no longer likes my software, and until I get a new iMac I don't intend to upgrade the software just for the sake of Youtube videos.

 It's nearly time to say goodbye to my gorgeous butterfly bushes until next year.
I hope I can wait that long for it's beauty to reappear once again!
 July is here and we are getting cooler nights already with a bit of rain forecasted for tomorrow.
Send in the rain!
Send in Autumn!