Thursday, February 23, 2017

Just Be A Woman

I'm sure SOME women who support Trump will find this video offensive.
The song was written by a young girl using Hillary Clinton's Concession Speech words.
Love her.
Hate her.
That's not important.
Don't be offended by the words simply because they were uttered by Mrs. Clinton, just admit that they are true and important to women.
Lead not with your long held thoughts that a woman must do as she is told by the men of the world,
but rather instead use that fine, kind, intelligent, feminine brain that your god or genetics gave you
and build a fine new generation of women to lead this world to a place of peace and prosperity.

I truly believe that it will be a woman who saves this world from turmoil, filthy air and water, social injustice, disease and all that prior, recent and current men in power have wrought upon us all.
That's not a conservative or a liberal belief,
it's simply the way it is.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Lifelong Wishes

 Valentine's Day was wonderful.
No special meals or sugary cookie and cake delights,
just cards between us and the flowers he never forgets to order for me.

 The one gift we would have wished to give to one another would have been to move to Australia, something we have dreamed of for a while.... he, for much longer than I have, but his wife at that time in his life put her foot down, not wanting to uproot the children and live down under.

Oh.... to have had that opportunity and experience in life.... I WOULD HAVE LOVED IT!
And I think we would probably still be there to this day.

Considering all that is happening in our country this year, we would pack up and be gone down under in a heartbeat, but once over the age of 50 it is difficult for Australia to be accepting of us.
since we are now a decade and a half beyond 50 years young, I don't see it ever happening.

My husband has an aunt who moved there in the 70's and we are in the process of trying to find her and at least arrange a visit.
Oh, where or where are you, Aunt Kathy??

Friday, February 17, 2017


 Late January through mid-February are our celebration times here at Casa de Sprinkle.
 So, I thought I would share a few photos of what jumped into our bellies.

 There was a chocolate cake, and a bundt cake for a bit of dessert every day, but we froze half of each cake for later this winter.... for a snowy day celebration should we EVER GET SNOW!  That's right, it's been a snowless February and nothing on the future forecast to make us even think we will see any white stuff this month.
Very strange.
 My birthday meal was sort of a jumbalaya... anyway, it had some of those same ingredients, as well as the spice to go along with it.
My husband made a cajun spice mixture from scratch with an Emeril Lagasse recipe found on line.  I had attempted to find a pre-made cajun spice at the store, and when there were none to be found, my husband turned to the internet.
It was pretty tasty, although I expected it to add a bit more of a punch than it did.
 When it comes to any recipe with pasta in it, I'm all over it! 

 His birthday meal was a petit steak, with a side of grilled asparagus sprinkled with his favorite spice mixture, as well as shrimp per my request.  Steak gets too heavy sometimes and shrimp is better for helping to control cholesterol levels.
 A baked potato with a small drop of sour cream went well with the menu too.
 He enjoyed his cards, and I enjoyed my cards.  Any card with a dog on the front always just makes his day.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

You Insult Me

 When you insult any person solely based on the color of their skin,
you insult my family.
 You insult me and I become defiant against you and any member of your family who most likely holds those same thoughts, defiant of the government administration you most likely support.
I just thought I'd let you know that.
Something for you to mull over.

Thursday, February 9, 2017


We are all only human, and this song says that, and to 'not put the blame on me', but some deserve to be blamed.
Just watch what's going on here in our country, or you can blame those who have made these problems for us and choose to lie to us multiple times EVERY day.

Close your eyes to political posts.
Don't read it.
Complain about those around you who try to educate you to the wrongs that are now happening.

Women will NEVER sit down and shut up, at least those of us who give a damn.
We will choose to Resist and Persist against the angry old white men who attempt to do us wrong.

You could say 'they are only human', when in fact they are monsters and what they are doing is unforgivable

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

This Is Abusive Behavior

Some women don't want to admit that we have a person now running our country who is, if nothing worse,  demeaning of women, including his wife who I am crying for.

A man who had to have said something so horrible to his wife at the inauguration that it literally wiped the smile from her face and was seen by the entire world.

LOOK what he does to her ego. 

He also abandoned her at the White House as he strode up the steps to shake the hand of Obama and left her to herself by the car.  What kind of man is he? 

I don't agree with his policies, but even more than that, I am appalled at the treatment he gives his wife of the past twelve years.

I am also saddened by the fact that there are women who actually support him.

I am choking back tears today for Melania Trump and to be honest, I hope she can see fit to leave him, even though he is her financial support.  I know that the women of our nation would rally round her and that she could have a much better life, a much HAPPIER life away from his abusive treatment of her.

Don't even disagree with me.
Your support for this verbally abusive man would say far too much about you that I simply don't wish to read or hear.  Abuse is abuse is abuse and it's WRONG, even if he is your president.
He will never be mine!!

For those of you who don't wish to read political posts, this is not one. This post is about abuse towards women.

As a side note:
There are people, some women, who say they don't understand the Women's March in D.C. or those around the world.  How Donald Trump treats women is only a fraction of why women marched.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Lincoln Lincoln Bo Bincoln Banana Fana Fo Fincoln Fee Fi Bo Lincoln

 This is Lincoln hanging out on our front porch wanting our pups to come outside and play with him.
 He lives down the road and his family owns chickens, a rooster, and also a turkey.
The rooster and turkey guard the property from intruders who have plans to harm the chickens.
Lincoln could give a shit about the chickens and that's our fear, that he would lead Rowdy and Izzy to his house which would no doubt end up in the demise of a few chickens.
You see... Rowdy and Izzy chase after anything with wings, and we don't care to be replacing someone's dead chickens.

 So, Lincoln stands on our porch and cries for Rowdy to come out and play, but until this RAINY weather dries up and we can go out and supervise the playtime.... Lincoln will simply have to cry.
He's a sweet boy, but for now these pups will just have to look at one another through our glass storm door and dream about the fun days ahead.
 It's hard to remember, but I think this may have been one of the last dry days we had this month.
So much rain.
So little snow.
 Rowdy loves to stand with his feet upon our stone wall and peek through the bushes when his dad is working in the backyard.
 Alpha dogs always need to know what is happening anywhere on the property at all times
so they can be sure everyone is safe from intruders.
 But Izzy has had enough of Rowdy's serious ways and runs to the front porch, grabs her favorite raggedy rope and bring it to Rowdy to add a bit of fun into the moment.
 So Rowdy gives up his alpha stance on the wall and decides it's time for a bit of play.
 He is sometimes TOO serious, so Izzy is the balance he needs in life to remind him that dogs should play every single day.

They make a great duo.

But, Lincoln is still waiting to play too.
I'm certain he will be back tomorrow.