Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Teaser Weather

 It's the teaser weather of the year.  In Arizona we referred to it as monsoon season, and sometimes we would get only dust, sometimes dust with only enough rain to get your car dirty, and if luck we would get actual rain.
Our teaser weather here in Virginia is high building storm clouds, with thunder that rumbles in the distance for an hour or two prior to a storm hitting, and if lucky the storm actually arrives to relieve us with cool rain.

So, it's summertime in Virginia, and it's uncomfortable weather which requires dressing for it.

 If I step outdoors I need a hat and sunglasses to protect my fair skin and light blue eyes from the damaging rays of the sun.  And for those who live in Arizona.... take note that YOU need to do this too.
Your face probably looks like leather if you are not doing this.

My hat is one that has been in my sun protecting skin arsenal for years, and the sunglasses are prescription and I highly recommend getting a pair of prescrips if you are an eyeglass wearer.  Can't stress this enough.

 The shirt is a fabric called tencil and it's one that works well for me.  It wrinkles very little. So many cute summer tops in the stores, but unless they are a fabric that breathes, unlike polyester, then I can't wear them.  I really choose not to wear unbreathable fabric tops or shirts because... whew..... well, you know what they do when it comes to summertime body odor.  Just DON'T wear them, Ladies.... I beg of you, especially if you are standing near me in a check-out line at the store.
Thank you in advance.

So, the shirt was purchased locally at the Penelope store in Daleville, and I love that it's just long enough to cover my rear and crotch area since I am wearing leggings.
I bought the leggings at our local Wal-Mart..... they are quite long so fit me well.  I checked, and they cannot be purchased from Wal-Mart online, but the brand does have their own website.  They are called On The Go Leggings, and they are true leggings, not those jean jeggings, not tights... LEGGINGS.  

HERE IS THE LINK, and they are quite inexpensive if you are in need of more than one pair.  
They come in regular sizes as well as Plus Sizes.  I am 5'7", wear a size 12 or 14 jeans, and I purchased a size XL in the leggings.  Probably could have fit in the size Large, but I opted for a little extra room in case they accidentally get tossed into the dryer.  I don't dry a lot of my slacks or leggings because if hung to dry they simply last a lot longer.

My shoes are by Keds and are HERE

Watch by Coach.

It's an easy to wear summer outfit.  
How's your summer going?

Some Great Tips

Summer wear.
I really don't care for it, and it is the time of year, summertime that is, when I make my fewest clothing purchases.
Possibly because I spend so much time indoors (don't like the heat outside) being a schleppy dresser on my side of the computer screen.  Nope... you can't see my schleppiness from where you are sitting.
Sorry, not going to happen.

Anyway, I thought I would post this video by Lindsay Albanese showing how you can step up your game in the dressing department, if you are like me and just wear the same old same old, day after day, EVERYDAY.
Lindsay has some easy and great tips that aren't going to cost you a dime.

Thanks Lindsay.... oh, and subscribe to her videos after you watch this one.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Watch For Silver

 When it comes to fashion, it's nice to have a few things that 'go together'.

 My wedding ring is silver, although I also love gold rings... I'm simply not married to the idea of having just one color around my neck, on my fingers, and my wrist.  Not a huge fan of the rose gold, but yellow gold or a silver will do nicely in my book of fashion, and to be honest....does it really matter in the big scheme of things which we wear?
Some are total snobs about always having to wear gold and oh, gosh... it simply MUST match the rest of what is on display on my body.
Pooh pooh poopity pooh is what I say.
 In 2012 I fell in VERY deep like with the gold Michael Kor's Runway series of watches, and I bought one.
It's fancier than some watches, but not overly so, and when it came to price.... I think $250.00, I felt comfortable in paying that price since I knew I would wear it often, and sometimes still do.
It has all the little bells and whistles and gadgetry that I needed at that time,
but these days it seems to spend more time in my jewelry box than on my wrist, and I don't have a good reason for that.
 *a few of my collected watches*
The gold watch in the middle was a gift in 1978, a pretty gold Seiko.

Recently I had been on the search for a nice silver watch as well, something to add to my collection I guess you could say.

 I wanted something with no gadgetry... just a pretty dial, and something the same or similar in size to my gold Michael Kors.
BUT, the prices on most of the brands I liked were over the top or simply more than I wanted to pay this time around, and I also, for some reason, wanted a sweep second hand. Don't ask me why, because I certainly don't time too many things or running events these days.... the look was what I was after.
The other must have on my watch list was a white dial.
As my eyes have aged, I am finding that a white dial does me the best when simply glancing for a look at the time.

 This Coach watch sells at Macy's online for $295.00, but I paid nearly half that.
As I was snooping at Macy's store last week I flattened my nose up against the watch case glass and they had it clearanced  WAY DOWN.... only because it had not sold quickly enough to satisfy their management, so LUCKY ME!

*Coach logos on band are not black btw...they simply photographed with a black reflection*

I guess I just lucked out by being in the right store at the right time to get such a great deal on a Coach brand watch!
I rarely pay full price, unless of course I am feeling filthy rich that day.

Monday, July 10, 2017

From The Garden

 Zucchini are ready in the garden!
 So we picked a couple.... our first two of the season, sliced them,
 brushed them with EVOO
 then Hubby spiced them up a bit and onto the grill they were placed.
 Zucchini along with some grilled chicken breasts
are absolutely, hands down,

It's not a heavy summertime meal, and HEAVY
on a hot summer evening is not what we crave.

We picked two more today and gave a HUMONGO one to a neighbor
who enjoys making gazpacho.
She is definitely more creative with summer veggies than I am!

No reason you could not add zucchini to the following recipe on this video.
Enjoy YOUR summer fresh veggies from the garden!

Saturday, July 8, 2017


So... any of you girls want to play volleyball?

You know we all need to stay fit in the summer months to fit into our bikinis!!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Cutsie Wootsie

THIS is so cute!  I may just need one myself, a lip stain with a flower inside!
Oh the cutsie wootisness of it all.
It changes colors after you apply it depending on the PH level in your skin.
It comes in four colors, so go get one just for the cutsie wootsie factor.

What's life if you aren't having a bit of fun, right?

Thursday, July 6, 2017