Monday, January 23, 2017

Lincoln Lincoln Bo Bincoln Banana Fana Fo Fincoln Fee Fi Bo Lincoln

 This is Lincoln hanging out on our front porch wanting our pups to come outside and play with him.
 He lives down the road and his family owns chickens, a rooster, and also a turkey.
The rooster and turkey guard the property from intruders who have plans to harm the chickens.
Lincoln could give a shit about the chickens and that's our fear, that he would lead Rowdy and Izzy to his house which would no doubt end up in the demise of a few chickens.
You see... Rowdy and Izzy chase after anything with wings, and we don't care to be replacing someone's dead chickens.

 So, Lincoln stands on our porch and cries for Rowdy to come out and play, but until this RAINY weather dries up and we can go out and supervise the playtime.... Lincoln will simply have to cry.
He's a sweet boy, but for now these pups will just have to look at one another through our glass storm door and dream about the fun days ahead.
 It's hard to remember, but I think this may have been one of the last dry days we had this month.
So much rain.
So little snow.
 Rowdy loves to stand with his feet upon our stone wall and peek through the bushes when his dad is working in the backyard.
 Alpha dogs always need to know what is happening anywhere on the property at all times
so they can be sure everyone is safe from intruders.
 But Izzy has had enough of Rowdy's serious ways and runs to the front porch, grabs her favorite raggedy rope and bring it to Rowdy to add a bit of fun into the moment.
 So Rowdy gives up his alpha stance on the wall and decides it's time for a bit of play.
 He is sometimes TOO serious, so Izzy is the balance he needs in life to remind him that dogs should play every single day.

They make a great duo.

But, Lincoln is still waiting to play too.
I'm certain he will be back tomorrow.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Alternative Facts Is Nothing More Than Lies

I noticed this proverb on a photo of a card on Claudia's blog and loved it, as it soooo represents the seeds that were planted at the Women's March On Washington as well as in other cities across our nation and around the world.

Trump showed his ass, not only throughout the 18 month long election season, as to his attitudes about women, Mexicans, Muslims, the disabled and gays as well as anyone else he sees as a threat in any way, by belittling them in all ways possible.
Although he won the election, but by Electoral votes and not the popular vote, the Womens' March on Washington this past week-end was our shout out and the beginning of our resistance to him as he takes away human rights in our country.

I am calling upon all U.S. citizens who care about human rights to resist this man and all those in Washington D.C. by voicing your dislike for his actions by calling Congress and the White House and your Representatives, and letting them know that we will not stand for them tearing down America.  They want to make it great again when in fact it is already GREAT!  

When they get on TV and lie to us, call them.... tell them they are lying.  Don't let them get away with spouting off and calling their words 'alternative facts' when in fact there are NO ALTERNATIVE FACTS.... an alternative fact is nothing more than a lie.  We need to also find out Sean Spicer's phone number and KellyAnne Conway's phone number and swamp them with messages or texts each and every time they lie for Trump, because that's exactly what they do.  Whenever he can't deal with the pressure of the press (who are there to keep him honest btw) he commands his attack dogs to go out and spew alternative facts (Lies),  a phrase coined by KellyAnne Conway on Meet The Press.  

White House (Comments) 202-456-1111

White House Switchboard 202-456-1414

White House Email HERE

Your senator's phone number HERE

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Tipping Over

 Okay.... so here's the problem I have and I am looking for a solution.
I LOVE cooking an egg in a somewhat hollowed out avocado half, and recently I have been adding a bit of cubed chicken, salsa, and now want to also try perhaps some chick peas.
The recipes I have been jonesing on just look so great, and so easy as well,
except for one issue I am having.
 How do I keep an avocado half from tipping over while it's in the microwave, and also prior to placing it in the microwave with all of the egg white that slides out?
I only cook one at a time for myself, so I can't even lean them up against one another as they cook.
 Is there a special plate of some sort that avocado aficionados use simply for the purpose of cooking an avocado slice that keeps the silly thing upright?
 I'd LOVE hearing from any of you who experience this 'tipping over' problem and what you have done to solve it.

Friday, January 20, 2017

It's A Cinch

 My husband had been super busy this month with a client that has their offices an hour from our home, so sometimes when he needs to install code and de-bug it he is there all day, not to return until after the sun has long gone down.
Meanwhile, here at home, if the sun is shining down on the front porch, I sneak out and enjoy it with my boyfriend, Rowdy,
 And this little punk of a girl dog that we call Izzy.  No, really.... she really is a punk.
 Being January, it can mean that the sun may be warm, but even the tiniest bit of a breeze can send a chill through my core causing me to don something deliciously warm like this coat I just picked up at Macys this week.
 *this is coat #25 in my closet I believe*

Oh shut up!
What can I say.... me loves coats!
And in January they are ALL on sale so it's just a no brainer for me to buy a few.
I REALLY like this one.
It's denim and has two pockets on each side in the front, a zip closure and a flap that snaps over the zipper to give it a bit more of a finished look.
 There's a tie in the back which can be pulled to cinch in the waist a bit which helps keep cold air from entering up the back and giving a bit of a chill to the backside.  AND.... a sherpa lined hood and collar.
 The sherpa, being that it is only in the hood and collar, keeps the coat from being overly bulky or too warm if it's temperatures in the 40's or 50's....
 It's not a coat for freezing cold days, but here in Virginia winters are frigid one day and warm the next... hence my need for more coats than you can count.
I kept the look casual, as is mostly the case for a country girl, with a black and white striped turtle neck, my ever present black ponte stretch pants and of course my fleece lined mid calf height boots.
 The blue knitted hand warmers were a wonderful gift from my sister last year and super handy should I need to text or dial my cell phone.
It's a safe bet to say that I'll be wearing this coat often since my old green barn coat is starting to see it's better days.

Thanks for stopping by today.
Here's where you can get the look.

Macy's Coat // Macy's Turtleneck //  Macy's Ponte Pants //  Boots // Leather Hat

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Beans Or Pre-Ground With The Inauguration

 The view out the back of our house towards the Shenandoah Mountains as we sat down to eat our dinner last night.
The days are getting longer and it is no longer dark at 5pm, but the cold last night truly seeped into my bones as we dined on spaghetti and meatballs.
Sometimes it just takes something more to keep your engine warm.

 Our days start with coffee.
We buy whole bean and grind it ourselves, but sometimes I mess up and grab the ground coffee at the store and then need to take it back the next day and exchange for the whole bean.  The gal at customer service gives me a funny crooked eye look and says that most of their customers buy ground so end up doing exchanges from whole bean to ground.
That's country folk I guess.
We have been grinding our own for as long as I can recall, but each to their own I suppose.
I just find the pre-ground to be messy and end up spilling it on the counter and floor and then have to drag out the broom and dustpan at 6AM when I am still bleary-eyed and an uncoordinated messy old woman.
 Every household has their own favorite brand as well as flavor and strength of brew when it comes to that morning cup, and we are no different than any other household in the U.S.  We have been buying Kona beans for YEARS.... first Mill Mountain brand but this past year or two have switched to the store brand which is just as good if not better.  We like something light tasting or we end up with heart burn.  Not Nice!
BUT, this past year I tried something new.... it's Ethiopian Yangacheffe flavor, and it's even lighter than the Kona.
I'm pretty much loving it... and even though Hubby has not expressed an either/or preference, he seems to be okay with it.
No complaints thus far.
 It was in the lower thirties outside this morning....
and this 'but first coffee' motto did not hold true since the pups generally come first.
*love my mug!*
Izzy can be relentless until she is fed and the two of them have been out for a morning run around the property.

Are YOU a coffee snob with a preference for beans or pre-ground or a specific flavor?
This inquiring mind would love to know as would all of America.

P.S.  Who is watching the Inauguration tomorrow?
I'll be having Beans with mine.... if I watch it....

Turkey Or Beef Sausage Compromise

 For years, when making red sauce, we did so using Italian sausage as our meat.  We would brown it and then add it to the sauce mixture in the crock pot and let it cook for hours on end..... and it was DELICIOUS!
 These days we have compromised, since my husband has been able to lower his cholesterol so is still akin to eating sausage, but I have not.... so I don't need all that fat from the sausage in my meal.
 These days we no longer do meat directly in the sauce, but instead make meatballs separately... he gets sausage in his meatballs and mine are turkey.  I've never been a huge fan of meatballs, but this method works so that we can both enjoy the red sauce over our spaghetti, and each eat meatballs that suit our health needs.

 Spaghetti and meatballs top our wheat spaghetti, with a side of asparagus and one thin slice of bread.
Compromises don't always have to be a bad choice.

*if you want the recipe for the sauce, or for the meatballs, please let me know*

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Completely Satisfied

 If you're looking for something on the healthier side when it comes to a lunchtime sandwich, or an evening meal when it's just you and no husband..... try a chicken salad sandwich that's LOADED with good things.
 Mine was similar to THIS CHICKEN SALAD by Ali at Gimme Some Oven.
 The grapes are simply a killer ingredient for those of you who enjoy grapes,
and after mixing the chicken salad I added a slice of avocado on top and sprinkled with fresh black pepper.
The chips I had on the side went nicely with the sandwich, although taking away from the healthy factor of the sandwich itself.  
Crunchy grapes, celery and of course the walnuts totally tripped my lunchtime trigger and left me 100% satisfied all afternoon without the need for a sugary carbohydrates snack.