Saturday, December 16, 2017

It's All Disappearing

 I hesitate to share these photos of my new teddy coat, because I'm not sure you will even be able to find one as a gift or for yourself at this late date in the Christmas shopping season.
The best items are all being grabbed up and are disappearing from both brick and mortar as well as online shops.
I won't post a link to this coat because by tomorrow it will have sold out anyway.
Google 'Teddy Coat' if your need one in your wardrobe.

 Mine was on sale at H&M for $25, and they did have some in store for $15 that were cut longer, more like a coat than a jacket style which is what I bought.

 I waited over a month to finally choose one, which is par for me... I never make a purchase in a hurry, which sometimes means that I miss out. 
 Teddy coats and faux leopard fur coats are all the rage this year, but I purchased two leopard coats online to see which I liked best, and both made me look like an elephant trying to disguise itself as a leopard.  I sent both coats back. They simply were not attractive on my ever expanding figure, but the teddy coat is here to stay.
I simply added an old leopard scarf that I had, and it was enough leopard look for me.

I guess the leopard coats made me feel as if I was a bit too dressy also.
I'm more of a casual girl, pairing the coat with an off white sweater, black stretch slacks, my tan suede boots, a leather hat and of course the scarf.
We should always dress true to who we are and not try to be what other blogs show us we should look like.
At age 63, I'm simply too old to be led around by the fashion industry, but instead choose to take bits and pieces of the fashion they offer and use it in my own way.
So long kitty kitty kitty coats!
Hello Teddy!!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Wearing Older Purchases

 The blogs that focus mainly on fashion, new fashion, don't show you often what happens to all of those clothes in their closets, but here's a bit of me wearing older purchases.  Items that I wear over and over again and am not out to sell you or make a few dollars on clicks.
BUT, if you have any questions I am happy to answer.
 The hat, a Russian looking furry hat, is one that has been in my winter wear since the early 2000's when we lived in Columbia, Maryland, and the Hechts Department store was one of the anchor stores at the  Columbia Mall.  It has been and still is the warmest winter hat I have ever owned.  
It's a Ben Berger Luxury Collection hat.  I've seen these hats on pre-owned clothing websites, in fact today I noticed a leopard print one which I may need to purchase!
My pretty turquoise plaid scarf is from a local ladies store, Penelopes, not to bulky, so it wears easily and we 'ladies of age' don't feel as if we need to rip it off when hot flashes occur.  Doesn't that just bug you when you are out and about and suddenly feel the urge to rip things off your body in order to be comfortable?  LOL  I know I DO!

As for the other items:
Jeans by INC at Macys last year
Purse by Fossil (my favorite leather) A few years ago
Chili pepper purse charm from Kate Spade, last year
Black leather jacket from Talbots last year 
Black vest by Jones New York at Macys a few years ago
White turtlenck from Wal-Mart many moons ago
Gold hoop earrings (have had FOREVER)

And I was going out shopping today but we just had snow flurries so the roads could be slick.
Danger Will Robinson!
May need to just stay home today.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

A Fine Winter's Day

 We had an inch or two of snow a few days ago, and we were pretty excited about it, as was the sweet pup peeking out the door in this photo.  Rowdy is our 'I LOVE SNOW' pup and he can't wait to get outdoors and run circles in it.

 The snow began it's melting from the driveway as quickly as it had come.  And it didn't keep my husband from heading off to town and back home again to run a short errand.
In truth,  he simply loves driving his new car.

 The weather didn't keep him from grilling either... kielbasa and a beer.
Always a treat no matter the temperature outside.
 After their morning walk on the snow covered roads, it was time to snuggle in for a nap.

A new sherpa blanket (which was overdue by the way), since the out-going sherpa was finally too tattered to save.
This one was on sale at Pottery Barn and it's certainly been a hit.

Beer, kielbasa and sherpa make any winter's day a great day.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Pigs Fly

When pigs fly.... that's when I'll stop having fun at Christmas time.
Have a holly jolly, ya'll, and instead of stressing over what to give who, and how big the Christmas ham needs to be or what to serve with it and which dishes to set the table with,
just be jolly and enjoy this special time of year.

That's how we roll around here.

(having more fun with my new letter board) 


Saturday, December 9, 2017

Snow This Morning

Yesterday there was talk on all of the weather websites of snow coming our way from the South!  That's right.... 

We waited all day and finally this morning it arrived and blanketed us all in white.
It stopped an hour ago and now it's melting.
We love snow!

Here's my snow video from today.

What's Happening Around Here

 Here's some updates for December at our house.
A package or two have now appeared beneath the tree, and somebody is applying the 'snoop' factor.
She pokes at the bulbs each morning as she comes out of the bedroom,
and now that nose is poking at packages.
AND HIS poking nose has discovered his dads' already unwrapped Christmas present sitting out in the driveway.
These two pups don't let anything new around here get past the smell test.
 With all of the nighttime light already in our driveway, I'm not sure it needed any other statement,
 but, what's one string of lights going to hurt?

 I added a third red truck to my Christmas fleet on the mantel, and this one is a Woody sold by Target.
I love that the Target red trucks don't cost an arm and a leg as some of the trucks do this time of year.
 I also added one ornament to our tree, because who can resist a little pink reindeer with a look that harkens back to the look from mid-century?
Not I.
This is also from Target, and they had such great Christmas decor and tree items this year.
Kudos to Tar-Jay!!
 Do you light your tree often?
Ours are on a timer and pop on at 7AM until around 10AM, and then again from 5PM until 10PM.
We went to a lot of work to put it up and decorate this full sized tree this year, so we are going to enjoy it as much as possible before it's time to take it down and tuck it away into the basement.
You should too.
It's sort of akin to using your best dishes on a daily basis rather than just once or twice a year.
'Enjoy Things While We Can' 
 has become our motto as we've gotten older.
And, last but not least is the letter board which will display
small and fun messages throughout the year.
They are a great gift for that person you just don't seem to know what to buy.
I couldn't find a large one here in our town.... they seem to be sold out, but this 12x12 does nicely next to our wine cabinet.

And THAT my friends, is what's happening around here.

Hope your Season of Giving is going smoothly this year and everything is falling into place just as you had planned.


Tuesday, December 5, 2017


 Yesterday's post was about a quilted vest I purchased, and I mentioned that I had also gotten a pink quilted vest.
First let me say that these are not made for winter outdoor weather.  These are indoor weight with no extra insulation, almost an accessory clothing item to be worn indoors.

 The outdoor weight quilted vests sometimes have hoods, are of a longer length, and filled with down or a polyester filling.
 Expect to pay quite a bit more for outdoor vests.

 I wore pink a lot back in the 90's, but I fell away from that habit when someone I cared about made a comment about it. These days I am much older and more in tune with myself and who I am AND don't allow others to influence my fashion choices.  
I even bought a pink hat a couple of months ago.

pink vest at Steinmart,
pink hat at Wal-Mart,
white sweater at Penelope's.
It's a lazy day, so I'm wearing my cozy Cuddledud pants,
gold hoop earrings that I've had for many years,
and MAC lipstick in the Liptensity formula in the color Eros.

Merry Christmas!