The Pups

From time to time you will see photos of the antics of our two boxer pups here on the blog.
Let me introduce you to them
That's Rowdy on the right.
He's a party mix fawn boxer born in July of 2010 and purchased from a breeder in North Carolina.
Rowdy was mentored from seven weeks of age by an adopted older male rottweiler we had, when he was a pup and has turned out to be our little caretaker.  He's gentle and loves staying close to his people and keeping an eye on the property.  He allows Izzy, our female boxer to abuse him a bit, but when he's had enough of her antics he lets her know.  He loves playing and catching a ball, sitting and sleeping on his dad's lap in the recliner, looking out the front door, riding in cars, and napping on the front porch after chasing deer off the property.  Can't say enough good things about this loving boy who never wanders away from the yard.

On the left is Isabelle, aka Izzy, Icky, Ismerelda, Isapaininthebutt, The Princess, born in July of 2011, and purchased from a breeder in Covington, VA. She is a dark muzzled fawn boxer and was mentored from seven weeks of age by Rowdy.  She tries her darndest to be cuddly but to be honest is simply more of a rabble rowser kind of gal.  She enjoys boxing at Rowdy's head (as boxers are known to do), dragging the largest sticks and tree branches she can find into the yard, rousting birds from bushes, stealing tomatoes from people's gardens, being the keeper of the clock so that meals are served at the proper time, running laps around the yard, and napping in dark rooms.

Here's a few of the hundreds of photos I have of these two wonderful and loving of one another pets.



  1. oh my goodness this makes me smile so HUGE! So happy that you shared these wonderful photos of your fur babies with us. Hugs!

  2. Wonderful dog pictures! I can almost feel their silky coats...

  3. Love your pups, Diane! We had two dogs for many years, but after we had to put our Papillon down, Molly has just been by herself.