Monday, January 25, 2016

Snowstorm Fashion

Snowstorm fashion?
Let's all be real here.
When the snow is coming down at a rate of one inch per hour there's no room in life for expensive Dior-type fashion... and to be honest, those expensive pieces make no sense to we who live in the mountains and at times get ten to twenty inches of the white stuff over the period of a day or two.
What we look for is comfort and most of all WARMTH.

Sooo, I donned what I knew would be warm and dry.
Fur Hat/Vintage Ben Berger 
Pants and Shirt Cuddl Duds/WalMart or JC Penney
Sweat pants/Old from Husband's Closet
Tube Socks/Hanes Mens'
Sherpa Fox Print Scarf /Belks
Larry Levine Down and Feather Coat/Macys
Gloves/Husband's OLD OLD gloves

I was very Michelin looking but WARM.
At some point during the storm the snow had stopped for a couple of hours, so back outside I went while my husband cleared snow, and I was dressed quite the same as earlier except that I had on a dapper brown felt hat (no clue where I bought it) and also a blue and white blanket scarf... which in my opinion are the best fashion piece for winter that you can buy.
They serve well for around the shoulders to ward off a chill indoors, over the head as a scarf to keep the heat in, or as I have it here... wound around the neck and tucked in tight.

I've bought a few too many of these scarves, but I tend to use one daily depending on what I am doing or where I am going.

when you don't get out of the way when your husband is blowing snow and end up under and avalanche of the white stuff.... they work wonders to keep the snow from falling down inside your coat.
Scarf/Local Penelope store for $19.99
 Sunday the sun came out and it's warmth allowed us to be outdoors without heavy winter attire.
It felt good to be out without my Michelin apparel
 Of course the pups were there with us, and Izzy required a kiss on the nose from her human mama,
a daily routine for us....
This weather made for a very happy day, so I put on my newest boots which are 'supposed' to be my indoor boots/slippers, but since I was not going to be stomping through the snow and only on the driveway where much of the snow had melted away, I wore them outdoors anyway.

Minnetonka Leather Hat/The Leatherhaus -local store
South Mountain Boots - Macys' but also available HERE
Old navy colored sweat pants/Husband's closet
Hanes Tube Socks/Probably Wal-Mart
VERY old navy turtle neck shirt - Found in my closet
VERY old blue sweatshirt/Husband's closet

Red Plaid Scarf/Land's End (I purchased the last one online, so sue me) sim
Gold Charm Necklace/Have had since the 1980's
Medium Link Gold Necklace/Local Penelope's Store sim
Lipstick/Mac 'All Fired Up' Matte

Snowstorm fashion is in no way meant to be anything other than warm.
Simply throw all fashion rules away and apply enough layers to keep you comfortable until springtime arrives.
Good luck all you snow bunnies out there!


  1. You look really pretty out there in the snow. Here in Texas we woke up to Spring like weather today. :)

  2. Snow, scarves and winter clothes look super cute on you!! Love your smile and of course your puppy too!

  3. You look warm...and fashionable! Izzy is such a sweet girl wanting kisses. xo

  4. We had 30 + inches.. Major roads are plowed and dry today..They do an amazing job!!

  5. Great post . . .
    I like your winter fashion "duds!"
    Great red plaid scarf . . .

  6. You still manage to look stylish in the snow!

  7. That leather hat looks great on you!!