Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Blizzard Of A Snowstorm

Hello all you Early Birds!  We were awakened at 4:40 this morning by two lovely pups who found it VERY necessary to go outside, and so we obliged them.

These first two photos were taken around 7:30 last evening when the snowfall decided to pick up again and give us HUGE half dollar sized flakes.  It was the prettiest and most dramatic snowfall I have ever seen.... Eleven inches thus far.  It snowed ALL day and ALL night yesterday and who knows what is in store for us today after these already eleven inches on the ground.
My husband spent a couple of hours on the tractor yesterday blowing snow off of our driveway, the long lane that comes up to the three homes here, and also assisted another neighbor with a larger tractor who was clearing a bit from the roadway below us.  Everyone helps out here since none of us are immune to how treacherous Mother Nature can sometimes be here in the mountains of Virginia.
We all love living here and helping one another survive extreme conditions is just part of the gig.
 Here are some of the photos of my husband and his J.D. snowblower in action yesterday afternoon and photos of me hanging out in the snow.

Videos are always a must for me, so for those of you who wish to watch them....
one of the snowblower in action, and the second video is of the snow falling last night.
We may be out there at it again today since last night's snow needs to be cleared away.
Have fun looking at blogs with snow photos over the next few days as I am sure East Coast based blogs will certainly have them for you.


  1. SNOW . . .
    No doubt about it . . .
    Winter has ARRIVED . . .
    Thank you for the early pictures . . .
    Be safe . . . enjoy the fresh white world . . .

  2. Looks like a winter wonderland of fun. Could be a post card. We are covered in ice. Hope it thaws by tomorrow morning. I have a ship to sail.

  3. What a beautiful snowfall...that is until you have to get out in it to shovel or use the snowblower. Hubs finally got to use his John Deere! You look nice and toasty all bundled up. Stay warm...xo

  4. Love the lighting in the first two photos...Stay warm!!

  5. Hi Pepper Medley, I like you joy. and thanks for shearing nice winter images...Stay warm!!
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