Sunday, June 26, 2016

How To Wear A HAT

 So, I signed up for Bloglovin a Looooong time ago, and every day I get an email from them listing blog posts I should read... most of them are about fashion stuff.... and they are quite lame to be honest.
They usually include 'how to' links.
Today's was 'How To Wear A White Tee With Denim Five Ways", or something along that subject line.

One day it was "Five Ways To Wear A Denim Skirt".
And I believe once it was "Five Ways to Wear Heels With Jeans".

I truly believe that fashion blogs are running out of ideas because they want to show us how to do things that we all know how to do.  If anyone out there needs to be shown how to wear a pair of jeans or a white tee or their high heels, then this world has gone mad, or their mothers are not doing their jobs and teaching their daughters how to put on clothes by the age of three or four as they should.

And so today, I am going to show all of the dum dums who don't know how to wear a hat just how to wear a hat.

#1.  Put the hat on your head.
 #2.  Put the HAT ON YOUR HEAD.
 #3.  Put the damn hat on your head!!!
#4.  Pick up Hat.  Place end with hole on top of your head.

I think I need to unsubscribe from Bloglovin.......


  1. Not only does Bloglovin have repeated "fashion blogs" but they also suggest tons of new blogs
    and repeat their suggestions, over and over again.
    I think I find most new blogs from comments left on my posts.
    It raises my curiosity . . . "how did they find me" and then I go check them out.
    I go in cycles too . . . of what draws me in . . .
    and then there are those who I don't want to miss . .
    Like you . . .

  2. I have no idea what bloglovin is but your post was too funny

  3. You are hilarious! Don't ya just love all the so-called experts! oy vey...

  4. Thank goodness!! Somebody to FINALLY show me how to put that gosh darned hat on my head!!! Whew! Thanks Di ;)

  5. OK. So I put the hat on my head. Then what? Don't stop there. Don't leave me hanging with incomplete directions!!! :-)