Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Stuck On A Blog

Ever noticed when visiting blogs and their comments that the same people are leaving comments on those same blogs day after day?  There's nothing wrong with always reading the same blogs, but I'm finding that I enjoy stretching my online reading experience by reading additional blogs written by a larger circle of writers as well.

To always read the same blogs by ladies within my age group, I sometimes feel stuck.
Stuck by the fact that I am not reading the viewpoints of younger women as well, who offer me different views of the world.
One of my readers once asks me, "why are you reading THAT blog... it's a MOMMY BLOG".
not all mommy bloggers discuss only diapers and breast feeding, they have much more to offer we older ladies than just that.
I love seeing the fashion that interests them and I can pull from their interests things that appeal to me that work for me at this point in my life as well as finding products on their blogs that I would never otherwise know about.

Stretch your aging wings and give some of the younger gals a 'look see'.
You may run across a truly fun reading experience.
Really, what have you got to lose?

Happy Hump Day!


  1. EXCELLENT Diane . . . I AGREE . . . totally!
    In addition, you'll find some beautifully, well designed blogs with interests you'll have probably never thought about!

  2. Every month or so I venture out. But I'm a real stickler that if a person won't return the favor and comment rather frequently at my blog, I eventually pull away from theirs, too. Good points though!

  3. Once in awhile, I'll see a comment on a friend's blog that interests me and I'll go check them out. Sometimes I stick around and other times I don't. The younger set doesn't do a whole lot for me, mostly, because I disagree with a lot of what they post. If I want to argue, I'll just ask my daughter about her differing opinions LOL