Sunday, May 24, 2015

Dinette Makeover

This is my kitchen dinette area.  I purchased the rug last year and liked it... my husband did not, but I kept it anyway because we never agree on items for the home.  I changed out an orange floral fabric on the chairs with the fabric of some buffalo checked curtains I had, which had hung on a door from our back entryway leading out to the deck.  Curtain panels, by the way, are wonderful to use for chair recovering.  

I had had the bakers rack for nearly fifteen years for knick knacks, a basket for recipes, and whatever else my heart desired.  BUT, I tired of it finally and wanted something new in this space.... the next photos will show you the change I made to this space after a shopping spree to a local store that does painted furniture pieces... another item my husband dislikes... painted furniture... He lost this battle however because now that I am in my sixties I have become the boss of the decor.

 I follow a local store on their Facebook page, that buys and paints furniture pieces and then resells it... lots of cabinets that are now used as sideboards in kitchen areas, and also buffet pieces that are repainted to be used anywhere in the home.  I saw a super looking gray one that would be perfect in a living room, but my home does not have the space for it.

I first fell in love with a granny apple green piece, but it was a bit too long for this space, so my second and final choice was this blue one.  Love Love Love.
AND, since my husband does not like painted pieces, I thought that since it was blue that he might be okay with it since blue is a favorite color of his.

 The walls are a light green, but I knew that if I used a rug that I had in our basement with blues in it rather than the original gray one, that it would help to pull the blue color into the room. AND, as my husband once said, not everything in a room has to match exactly.  He was so right about that!

 Now.... lighting.
The dinette area has a light over the table, but sometimes, in fact most times, I prefer a more ambient light that lamps give off.
So, I also purchased the lamp on the sideboard from the same store... Potentially Chic, it is painted a blue green color with a nice wheat colored shade.  Perfect for my needs and decor color in the dinette area.
*follow Potentially Chic on Facebook to see when they have new items or sales*

 The tall green vase is one of a pair that I have which I purchased from Pier One some years back.  They were on a Manager's Special sale for $10 each.  A steal if you ask me and this is the second home in which I have used them.  Green seems to be such a safe color to purchase since it goes with everything.

The wine rack is one we have had forever.  *love this one too*  It found a home on this cabinet as well.
The yellow flower photo frame is a Pier One purchase... they still have them in stock if anyone is interested, and the lemon branch stems are also Pier One... they just got them in recently and also had some great looking branches with grapes AND some olive branches too.  
 The framed items on the wall are pieces I have picked up over the years and if ever I find another piece that works well with them (fruit art) I'll add another.  For now I like the way this looks.
I will, however, be changing the fabric on the chairs once again... 
Any thoughts on what color you would re-cover them in?

So that's it!
*sorry for the blurry photos, should have turned on the overhead light*

How about you?  Would you, or do you have painted furniture pieces in your home?
Mine makes me smile.


 Below is the first piece I had looked at that was too long for my space, but OH how I love the granny apple green!

 *this image property of Potentially Chic 3215 Brambleton, Roanoke, VA*



  1. I love it all! That blue really pops in your home and I think it probably adds more than the green would have. I have a mahogany buffet that I've wanted to redo for a long time. Now that we've remodeled the kitchen and pantry, I don't really have a space for it. Erik suggested putting it in the bedroom but I'm not sure. Very very nice redo!!

  2. As long as you love it, that's all that matters. I agree with your husband, I don't care for painted furniture, I like to see the wood grain so I get color with dining table is stained washed celery and the chairs are stained pewter. Thing with stain is, if you don't do it yourself, it is kinda of a crap shoot. The table isn't as green as I wanted and the chairs are definitely not pewter grey! But they are different types of wood and I love the patterns in the grain.

  3. I think I would recover the chairs in a yellow/green checked.

  4. Very pretty! I think painted accent pieces add interest to a room. I would recover the chairs in a print that has red and yellow and possibly blue. You have a knack for decorating.

  5. I also was thinking blue and yellow. I like the pops of yellow in your decor. Especially the round picture frame!

  6. I really like your redo, blue piece is wonderful . . .
    And the rug works perfectly . . .
    I would go lighter in the chair covers, pattern maybe with the blue, yellow, bit of red.
    I wouldn't enter any other strong color though . . . stay with the blue.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing us with your readers! We are so happy you love your new piece. It looks awesome!