Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fun Finds Two

I always love products that bring a smile to the corners of my mouth.
Makes the lips turn upwards, and that takes less muscles than frowning.
Love 'em or not, these are the items that made me smile recently.

Rose Gold Ear Buds!  Stunning!

THIS BRACELET which I ordered and can't wait for it's arrival.  Summertime fashion!

Great looking lace up shoe.  Casual which I LOVE

THESE podcasts are funny.  Love the Katharine Hepburn one.


Photos from one year ago today after the new sidewalk was completed.
Still love it!

 Hosta in bloom.
Did you know they bloom?

Have a wonderful Thursday!!


  1. I've always liked your walk..Love the stone..Love Hosta..not fond of it's spikey flower..I used to cut them off when I had them..

  2. Thanks, Missy! We had a curvy sidewalk at our last home too... makes a person dizzy. LOL

  3. No, actually, I didn't know they bloomed. I have always seen them (on blogs) planted in the shade of tree's and thought they were just a green plant. Lovely bloom! Learn something new every day. Have I ever told you I miss your old house?

  4. I was wondering, what's that little shaft of light? Probably just coming through the tree's or the lighting? I loved the bracelet..but I've never seen ear buds like those before. Really curious about those. The price on the 18 K gold was ..a stunner! :) The trailer on pets was hysterical!! As soon as I saw you had seen the post and the song..I KNEW you would know the year and the artists and you did! Love it!!

  5. I knew that the Hosta's would bloom . . . but guess what . . . I cut them out.
    At least most of them . . . I like the white blooms in some of the Hosta . . .
    Nice Ear Buds . . .
    and liked the LOVE bracelet . . .