Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Where To Live

 He's at it again, this darling husband of mine.
Starting to search for a new state for us to reside in, and I truly doubt his wandering feet will ever stop their gypsy wanderings, so I just shake my head in agreement and sigh...
really BIG SIGHS!
 He scours the internet for information about 'best places voted to live for retirement', and lately, although it is not an issue, the states to live in where your dollar will stretch the furthest.
We have looked at some states where houses are much cheaper, but the property taxes will eat you alive, and being in our retirement years, you can bet that we refuse to give so much to the powers that be.... healthcare insurance cost is much more than we expected to ever be paying, and food costs are VERY high in Virginia, *hence having a garden*, and so his search for a less expensive place to live goes on.

 *ready to take his iPad away from him!!*

Recently he came across
which shows how far your dollar will stretch in each state,
and he's thinking the Michigan looks pretty darned good.
I can't say that those Long Long Cold, Snowy winters appeal to my senses as a great decision for a place for two old fogies to move to intentionally.

I want to be closer to a large body of water, and Lake Michigan sort of fits the bill, although I still dream of Maine and the Atlantic with all of it's glory.
You know... one of those places that sort of takes your breath away and makes you feel super small in comparison to everything else in the world.  Sort of puts a person in their place.

And so, today additional rock wall around our driveway is being constructed, as well as the two lighted pillars at the entrance to our drive,
and then will come the paving of the drive..
one more step in preparing this place for sale at some future point in time.
As I said.


  1. I never understood people that made their houses "perfect" and then moved..There are a lot of you..Actually, my BIL is one of them..Your house is gorgeous..Sounds like you may end up somewhere cold..Michigan? Maine?..Keeps things interesting..Good luck !

    1. My husband is all about making money, even in retirement. May stem from the fact that growing up his family had NOTHING. Besides, if you do upgrades and sell the house for more than you purchased it for, you can have extra retirement money. It's a money making game to him, and to be honest... we just can't take the heat and humidity. And in his defense, why live somewhere if you never want to go outdoors? Moving is a huge pain in the arse, but I can learn to be happy anywhere, as long as I am with him.

  2. I thought of you today . . . Trying to find some places with lake view and close to the Big Lake too.
    If you are like me you will be happier with snow than hot sticky humid weather . . . We do have snow but the temps aren't too terribly cold. I agree with Missy, your home and grounds are beautiful . . . but if "Mr Antsy" has the "move bug" . . . why not!
    I will keep my eyes opened, ears glued . . . to real estate!

    1. A state to the west of us would at least be closer to all of our children. He also speaks of Colorado, but I think that's about one of the ugliest states there is, pine trees, but really no deciduous trees of autumn colors. And I worry about water shortages in the western states as well, so Michigan might be where we land... who knows. xo

    2. oh my gosh, how can you think Colorado is ugly?! It's gorgeous!

    3. "pine trees, no deciduous trees of autumn colors" Unless a person owns a home with a gorgeous mountain view it's ugly. Sure, those million dollar homes have million dollar views, but we can't afford that and I don't want to look out my window and see pine trees. I guess everyone has their own idea of what beauty is, but Colorado is not my cup of tea.

  3. I was SO thankful that my hubby did not want to return to Chicago. LOL

    I am too tethered to my grandkids and kids to get further than a state away. But I wish you luck. do you get at least 50% of the decision power? I sure hope so...

    1. Of course I have say so. LOL We have discussed every move we have ever made. If I put my foot down we don't move, or if I don't like his thoughts on where we should live I let him know.