Wednesday, June 17, 2015


 Smoothies..... yes, they are good for you.

 I tried a green smoothie yesterday and will not be making another one of this particular recipe.

 Kale, Cucumber, Apple, Pear, and a partial banana.
I could barely get this down and to be honest, it tasted like grass to me.
Keeping it down... 
well, let's just say I had my moments in stomaching it, in fact it made me feel sick to my stomach,
and I won't be making it again,
Even adding ice to make it colder and MORE AND MORE banana to sweeten it....
Nothing masked the taste of grass.
I love cooked Kale, but it belongs on the stove top and not in a smoothie.

 I REALLY wanted to like you Green Smoothie,
but YOU tasted pretty bad.

This morning I had a smoothie I loved,
I'll tell you about that one next.



  1. Not a fan of green food..icing,tomatoes,cake..Yuk Some things just weren't meant to be green..

    1. My heart is speaking to me and the doctor says if I want to live longer... and I DO.... that I need to eat healthier. She didn't put me on a specific diet, but instead I am doing what is the smart thing for me to do for my body. Laying off sugar and carbs and making my heart happy... xox

  2. Eating healthy doesn't mean eating yuck LOL My husband was just diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and we have had to make only minimal changes - which puts to lie that only overweight, junk food eating people develop this. I'm sure you have to watch animal fats and protein and that has been a challenge for us too.

    1. No... it doesn't mean having to eat yuck. But eating the 'whole foods' way means eating a lot of fruits and vegetable and smoothies are one way of doing that. This is something I choose to do and finding the perfect recipes for me is rather fun. Sorry to hear about your husband's diagnosis. Sometimes being diabetes prone is due to genetics. I am glad he found a way to eat differently to control his diabetes. xox

  3. I've been trying more types of smoothies too and cutting back on sugar as well. My fitness trainer recommended adding kale to smoothies, but after your review of the green smoothie I'm rethinking that. Just looking at it makes me nauseous. Maybe a tiny bit of kale a little at a time, I know it is good for you but it has to be drinkable too and not taste like grass! Your carrot smoothie sounds yummy though, so I'll have to try it.

  4. I vote for no more Green smoothie either. I like my green veggies and don't have to "drink them!"
    Good for you and your eating and food changes . . .