Monday, August 10, 2015

Office Re-Do On A Budget

 Most homes these days have some area, whether it be large or small, that is designated as a 'home office', and ours is no different. In fact, we have three offices in our home. 
 cough cough
Computer junkies that we are, it's what we need.
My husband has his private home office for his consulting business in the basement, and on the main floor is my home office which is mostly for play time, which I do a lot of, and there is also a small office my husband uses near the kitchen area.  
One of his computer offices is for business and one is for play and the two shall never be mixed when it comes to income taxes.
Now, when we purchased our home, my office walls were brown.  That simply would not do for a happy kind of girl.  Happy means a light color, yellow works for me, a very pale yellow.
Recently I started a make over, although that won't mean furniture purchases, since THEN things get pricey, and there is really nothing wrong with the pieces I have, so it would be just plain crazy to spend on furniture items when these work fine.  Mostly it's just the decor items that need changing or being added to.

I re-covered that side chair, which came with the desk at a total cost for the two pieces of $149 at a furniture store when we lived in Maryland back in 2003. The fabric had worn through on the edge, showing the foam cushion underneath, so I bought a remnant of clearances fabric at Joanne's some time ago and recently recovered the seat.  This is an easy fix that anyone can do with fabric and a staple gun. 

Affordable small desks:
Back to school time, so desks are on sale now.

There's such a variety of desks and one for nearly every space you could imagine, in wood, glass, metal, etc.  You may need to shop around a lot, but you can find YOUR perfect desk, and don't forget second hand, consignment and Goodwill stores.

IF you have the space, you can also do as I did and add a work table of some sort, for photo cutting, a sewing center, or simply for crafts.  Mine was a purchase from Pier One a few years ago, a small drop leaf dining table that was 25% off at the time.  Don't be afraid to use a dining table in your office... if it works.... USE IT!
No one says you can't use a table made for one purpose for another purpose. 
Just be sure to measure not only the length and width, but the height you need for the work table. 

My husband and I purchased office chairs for each of us about 5-7 years ago, and although mine was comfortable at the time of purchase, it never was the look I wanted (hard to find both in one chair) the cushion now sat crooked, because I SIT CROOKED.  This is going to Goodwill since my new chair arrived today, the Katarina chair from Office Depot.  Did you know if you go into their store and they don't have the chair you want in stock that they will order it for you and have it delivered to your home free of any shipping charges?  Love that!

The chair is shown in white, but it is actually and off white or cream color, and it does not have the same comfort level as my previous brown chair, so I purchased a cushion for it at Target.

This inexpensive wall clock from Wal-Mart.  There is a clock on my computer, but I have always preferred having a wall clock, a simple, black clock... plastic!  LOL
My office will not be fancy, just the basics please....

Don't forget about lighting. I am blind as a bat and even though there is an overhead light, I now have two small lamps, one of which will be going away and replaced with something larger and a wee bit cheerier.  Lowes had just what I wanted and I added a white burlap shade which makes it perfect!

I showed you in previous posts a bit of artwork that will be added to the walls. I am not removing any of my current items from the walls, they are photos and items I made and framed, but the succulent art photo will be new, as will the lamp.  I am debating on a rug, but the pups lay in here with me from time to time and it may be more wear and tear on a new rug than is worthwhile as far as spending any money on one.

One thing I have coveted forever is a pouf.  Oh, gosh.... how I LOVE the super expensive ones, but this one from Target will serve the purpose, and I love that it is subtle in color since the blue chair fabric is so bold.  I didn't want to over-do the color in this room.... so a plain pouf it is, and not only does it serve the purpose of another place to sit, but it will reside beneath the table against the wall and hide those nasty electrical and phone jack outlets for a mere $59.99 from Target of course.
It's another of their back to school items since it would also work well in a dorm room at college.
Now is the time to grab some of these great deals and use them in your home office.

Alrighty then.... so this gives you an idea of the re-decor I have going on in my office.
AND, of course my husband is busy with a client today, so not wall art hanging unless I do it myself, and that is not pretty.  LOL
Will show you soon!

*I have not been compensated by any of the companies mentioned in this post for showing or talking about their products*


  1. Nicely done. I had never heard the term "pouf" and now I know what it is. I need to get busy and do some framing for my walls. If we have a wet winter from El Nino, I'm going to need some more inside viewing interest.

  2. Looking spiffy . . .
    You are inspiring me . . .
    Hmmmm, where do I begin!

  3. I didn't know the term pouf either, except like a balloon valance...?