Friday, August 7, 2015

SCORE On The Artwork

I  know I mentioned in a past post that I am making a few changes to my home office, and I WILL get to that soon, but until my husband has time to help me hang some wall art, I can't show you.
I have fallen in love with succulents this year, and today came across this lovely one in pink hues, and it's only $40, but I have already purchased one I like.
This one, also from Society 6, pairs nicely with the pink one.

I can't explain my love for succulents this year, other than their soft shades of green and light trimmings of pink.  Never have I been so in deep like with the color green since looking down at my toes scrunched up in the celery green shag that my mom had on our living room floor back in the 70's.  Some things just come back around it seems.
This much softer look from Pottery Barn had me at 'hello', but the $211 price tag made me cough a little bit.  I think that a person needs to shop around and find something appropriate yet less money if they intend to stay within a budget when re-doing a room.  But GOSH I DO LOVE THIS!
 So, yesterday as I was floating around Target trying on clothes and basically just snooping around, I walked into their art department and saw THIS!

 I nearly stammered all over myself because it was PERFECT for my home office walls, and it was only $40.  Let me say that again... ONLY $40!!!!
I haven't measured it, but it looks to be about 16x20, so that's HUGE!
It's framed and under glass so I thought this was a steal for the office re-do budget I have in mind.
Pottery Barn's was gorgeous, but
as I said...
ya just gotta shop around.
Sorry for the glare on the glass which really takes away from the beauty of this artwork, but once it's hung I hope to snap a better photo of it.
I am so stoked to get this one up on the wall.

As I said.... not a total re-do on my office, but some really nice changes.
I hope you'll like them as much as I do.


  1. I like the last one the best..Great find!! Happy weekend..

  2. Now that is a deal for sure! Gorgeous!