Friday, March 6, 2015

Random 5 Friday

*Image taken by my husband this morning of our sideyard*

Here is a very random list:

1.  If you wait too long in the winter season to order snowboots you have to take what you can find....
simple words of experience from moi

2.  I could stand and watch the snow slip from the branches of pine trees as they release the burden of weight for hours.

3.  Crispy blue skies after a snowstorm just don't get much bluer than this and always make me ponder whether blue may just be my most favorite color of nature.

4.  I sneeze multiple times *like 5-20 times* every morning even in the winter months when there is no pollen in the air and I am beginning to think I may be allergic to dog hair.

5.  So happy to see Nancy Claeys, the creator of the Random 5 Friday meme, back in blogging action.


  1. Thanks so much for joining in Di -- sorry about the snow. I think our's will finally be history over the next couple of days. xo

  2. Yes, I do love winter blue skies and blue snow shadows. I also love watching the trees unload - unless i'm under them!

  3. Oh I do like your snowy trees shot. The sunlight on the tree tops is so pretty. Of course not being a "winter" person I'm glad that we haven't had the snow here this winter. You should look into allergies for dogs then.

  4. Beautiful snowy trees. Great light! I have friends in Ohio who did not have a snow blower last year. This year, before winter arrived, they bought a blower. Great timing! Snow boots are on that same list. :) Stay warm. Happy Friday!

  5. I wish we had some snow to watch! Here in the Pacific Northwest, we've got flowering trees, shrubs and bulbs already, a month early. I know what you mean about waiting too long is the shopping season for clothing... it is then a beggars can't be choosers situation, I've been there too! Visiting from Nancy's R5F!

  6. I agree. The blue skies after a snow are truly amazing! Your snowboot experience also applies to winter coats for husbands when they ruin the coat they had!