Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Time At Home

 Summertime for me means
endless hours spent indoors finding ways to
keep busy, entertained,
and happy.
This week has been VERY hot, overly humid,
and not so joyful in the weather department,
with late afternoon and and nighttime thunderstorms.
And so....
I print things,
I create things,
I frame things.
Art for my home office walls.

Whether they be cold winter storms blowing,
or hot summer days,
how do you spend your time indoors?

*the little blue house is a scrapbook png file by Vicki Robinson which I added to my own fonts of lettering,  put them all together on picmonkey, and the dress and slippers print was gifted to me by a friend.  I purchased the black frames and matting at Wal-Mart*

1 comment :

  1. Today and tomorrow are to be perfect..after that humidity and 90's abound..Not looking forward to that..It's nice to have the windows open..