Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Killing Middle America

 Health insurance.
It sort of makes you cock your head to the side and say WTH.

Prior to the AHCA going into effect and forcing us into Obamacare, we had WONDERFUL insurance coverage at a price that fit our pocketbook.... and then our insurance company cancelled our policy and gave us a new quote at DOUBLE the price.  
We, like other middle class Americans felt trapped because it was either pay these high prices or, because the Supreme Court ruled Obamacare as a 'tax',  go without insurance and be forced by law to pay an insulting fine which buys you nothing.

Prior to AHCA going into effect, my husband and I paid an annual insurance premium of around $6,000.  It was good coverage with a moderate deductible and seeing the doctor costs us a co-pay with each visit... we could see the doctor as many times a year as necessary.

This year, 2015, was our first year on Obamacare and for the two of us we paid $1,000 per month, or $12,000 per year.  For our $12,000 we would each receive only two office visits per year which the plan considers to be 'preventative' visits.  I would need to double check what our deductibles are right now, but if I recall correctly, they are $15,000 each.
So, for the grand price of our premium of $12,000 plus the $30,000 each in deductibles, or $42,000 out of pocket, we would then start having our medical costs covered.  That's right Folks. 
$42,000 is what Obamacare considers to be 'affordable' for some of us.

Now, it's November, and time to once again go online to The Marketplace which is where we Virginia residents go for our AHCA insurance quotes.  They make it all sound pretty by giving the different levels of coverage to select from colors.... Bronze, Gold, Platinum, and each insurance company offers these different levels of coverage at different premiums.
We are forced to use Bronze, the policies with the least coverages, because the Gold and Platinum are unaffordable to us.  I'm really not sure who can afford the Gold and Platinum levels other than those folks in the top 1% of our Nation who have all the money and probably own the insurance companies.

We had received a letter some weeks ago letting us know that our insurance company would be increasing their rates for the 2016 year.  My husband will be 65, so he is going on Medicare, and that premium is affordable for him, around $200 per month.  I will remain on Obamacare with the same insurance company we used last year and my premium is going from $500 per month to $600 per month in 2016 due to the increased premium their letter had mentioned.  
So, for the 2016 year, our insurance cost will be around $800 per month or $9,600 per year with my deductible still remaining at $15,000.
My husband should receive affordable healthcare, but me? not so much.  We pay $22,200, (premium plus my deductible) per year, before my coverage pays.

I was on a website yesterday that was having a discussion about Obamacare and in a video he was touting how wonderful his plan is and the high number of people that now have insurance and that  "now there is competition between insurance companies to offer us lower premiums."  He said that premiums are now going down.  HA HA HA HA..... as evidenced by our insurance quote, premiums are going up.  Obama is either living in another world than the American middle class, being fed information from the insurance companies that is simply not true, or he is out and out lying to us. 
We used to have insurance, Mr. Obama, insurance that we were happy with that actually gave us a return for our money.  Now we all feed the giant insurance industry hand over fist and receive nothing in return.   
Want to talk numbers, Mr. President?
Your numbers are killing Middle America.


  1. You may want to look at Virginia's role in this. Virginia is one of those states that refused to participate fully in the ACA and all it offers. Coverage supposedly is better for those who live in states that chose to participate fully. (I don't live in other states so wouldn't know for sure, but that is what I've read.)

    1. I am sure that is the case, Anita.... but it does not make the cost for us any easier to swallow. Still, Obama created this costly mess.

  2. Welcome to the mess that is Obama. We put up with him for years as our Senator...now he has moved all his pretty words to the top job. He's frightening. I've got a lot of thoughts on this, but I will keep them to myself. Let's just say that white middle class ain't gettin' nuthin' on a lot of levels.

    1. And the Repubs are no better. The white middle class will be no more given time.

  3. Every time I read about Obamacare and Medicare and what people have to go through to get coverage, choose new plans every year; adjust prescription coverage plans I cringe and wonder how you all do it. When my husband retired he had the choice of keeping the same medical coverage he had when he was working. We pay the same premium as we did when he was an active employee so we're not getting any special considerations as retirees, we are paying our full share, and with a raise coming in January, that will be $515 a month covering both of us. I thought it was getting a bit high but from all I read we got ourselves a real bargain. Medicare might be cheaper but it sure wouldn't be easier.

  4. That's awful..You'll be glad when you're old enough for medicare..They'll probably screw that up as well..

  5. My two cents won't help a bit . . .
    No way is my Medicare and supplemental cost close to yours!
    My husband just went on Medicare and with his supplemental it is less than mine.
    Something seems whacked . . .
    No way could I/we afford those prices!
    Sounds like it would be cheaper for you to have no coverage . . . Problem would be, would your family doc keep you in their practice.
    Probably not . . .
    I am no help but something is not right . . .

    1. We paid extremely high premiums for 2015 and now for me in 2016. Have checked, double checked, and we do not qualify for subsidy either. Very disappointed.

  6. Preach it, sister! I noticed one of the Canadian bloggers I follow was having trouble understanding how the healthcare in this country could be so bad. How do you start explaining it except with one word starting with "O". We live in Indiana and our Medicare supplement is Indiana University Health with reasonable rates and pretty good coverage. BTW, you are dead on about the middle class disappearing.