Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Gentle Morning

 It's time.
 I purchased my letter writing desk and the matching chair with it's off white fabric in 2003 when we were re-doing our home in Columbia, Maryland, at which time I moved my computer to the main floor of the home in our sitting room.
 The fabric finally gave out and was tearing at the front of the seat, so it was over-due for a recovering.
 I purchased this fun, swirly, vibrant printed fabric MONTHS and MONTHS ago at Joanne's Fabrics, but it sat for a very long time.
Lazy much?
My husband was gone yesterday adding his two cents at a 'learning meeting' at which he had been asked to speak to the employees.
So, while he was gone I busied myself by cutting and fitting the fabric to the chair seat after unscrewing the seat from the chair.
Easy peasy.
 As you can see, I have also been printing out a few photos to add to the collection I have already have framed and on the walls.
 Sometimes, as much as we loved our home offices when we put them together, they reach a point where they simply want a tweaking make-over.
At least that's how I get to feeling about my surroundings at time; they simply get to a 'I need a make-over' feeling whenever I enter the room.
So, it won't amount to a huge make-over... just some tweaks here and there
to appeal to my eye.
 The fabric is a start.

It's been a gentle morning here.
Listening to some Macy Gray.


  1. Ooo - I love the swirly fabric!

  2. Nice . . . great upbeat pattern for your office.
    Amazing how a "tweak" like that can make us feel "spruced up!"

  3. Sometimes, all it takes is a little Tweak..Nice job.

  4. I love a recovered chair! It can take an old tatty thing and make it look new..