Friday, December 19, 2014

After Midnight

 That's right....
the boy elf is the naughty one,
But, I needed to look around to get my bearings on this huge house which is now where I live,
so once the lights were out and the lady of the house had retired to her boudoir for the night,
you know... after midnight....

 well, I snooped around.

 I didn't mean to.... but that last Christmas cookie looked so good that, well...
I ate it!

 and I'm not sorry I did either, so I left no note of apology for the lady,
I just ate it
and enjoyed it.
Humans eat too much during this time of the year anyway,
so I was doing her a favor by getting rid of those unneeded calories that she is probably always
swearing at anyway.

 The pantry door was left ajar and easy to open for an elf,
and I found some great guys to party with in there.
Smirnoff, Barcardi, Jack ...

 we had a swinging good time
and I'm glad I opted to wear my Christmas party snowflake skirt that the lady bought me.
It was a smash hit with the guys!

 Even Jose told me how special it was.
You know Jose, right?
He's such a Casanova and girls need to watch out for him after midnight!

So, let's hear it for the boys!
They welcomed me with open bottles arms, and now I am feeling completely and utterly at home here!


  1. Oooh, she is my kinda gal! I think I would like this Elf as my friend to hang out with. Diggin' her skirt---she is so cute!

  2. So fun, creative . . . so YOU!