Saturday, December 20, 2014

An Elf With No Name

It's me... the elf girl with no name.
I just about went through this entire box of tissues today because.... snif snif... because it's just sad to not have a name.
At first the lady of the house wanted to call me Cookie, because I snuck out at night and ate her last cookie, but
 I told her I did not want to be called Cookie. She may call me that anyway since I hang around the kitchen so much.
Why would she name me after a baked good... that's like being called Bread, or Fudge or or Green Bean Casserole With Cheese On Top!
I hope she will reconsider that Cookie name.

 I mean... why not just call me Ginger after this stupid house?

 Or Pepper after this Christmas snowman shaker?

 I'll keep hanging out in the kitchen so she'll probably name me Spatula or Little Fryer, because she has NO CREATIVITY!

 Rowdy has a much better idea.
He's seen me in action lately and he wants to call me....

Or roosters.

Maybe that lady will think of something by New Years.
Otherwise it may be Chickie for life!
Ride 'en, Chickie Girl... Ride 'em!