Friday, December 19, 2014

Falling In Love With The Girl Elf

 Hi.  I'm the new elf around here and let me not be mistaken for a boy elf,
that bad, bad, bad elf on a shelf guy.
I am his sister.... and I AM A GIRL ELF.
Mom even bought me a skirt and I have long lucious curly eyelashes and a pursed set of lips, unlike that BOY ELF!
Oh... I am bad sometimes, but not nearly as rotten as HE IS for heaven sakes.
Stick around and you'll see.
 So, the lady of the house brought me home because she fell in love with we elf types a long long time ago, you know, way back in the 60's, vintage days of yore, but no one ever bought her an elf.
Yesterday she had had enough and put her booted foot down, went to two stores and found me at....
get this.... Barnes and Noble!!

 Rowdy and Izzy immediately wanted the chance for a  'close up' hello,
so the lady of the house had to intercede.
You can see that they love me,
especially Rowdy.
He's cool, and you can see that love lorn look in his eyes.
 He definitely wanted to kiss me.

He got closer.....
and closer and....

 so close that I could see the freckle on his gum!
He has a freckle on his gum!!!
And a boo boo on his lip.
Funny whiskers
goofy teeth.
and a nose that looks like the boy elf might have been here and mooshed it in as a joke!

then he DID IT!
He moved in for the big smackeroo and he kissed me!

Guess that means I'll stick around this house for a while,
you know,
since I now have a boyfriend.


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    Good for Rowdy, kissing on her already!