Monday, October 16, 2017

Free BOOs At Our Place

 On a somewhat cloudy day my husband decided to Halloween-up the front porch.
It's something he did when he was a dad to small children, but once they were gone from home he stopped the tradition of outdoor decorating.
 Since retiring from the corporate rat race a few years ago, he has now shown an interest in taking the time to fun things up around here.  I love Halloween and the scariness and fun factor of it all.  The pumpkins and flowers of autumn along with ghosts, goblins, skeletons, zombies, jack-o-lanterns, witches, costumes and big BOOS totally make me laugh out loud.
It scares me!!
But I love it.
 So, here is our little contribution to making it a fun Halloween in the neighborhood for those who can find our house (since it's hidden away from the road)  although it could use a few more orange lights instead of just those on the big spider.

 I even found a jack o lantern flag for our flag pole, requested by my husband.
 Even though the outdoor temps have been above average for this time of year, we are enjoying the fact that summer is gone.
 We have mostly pine and cedar trees on our property, but what few leaf losing trees we do have, they are beginning to drop their colors on the driveway.
 Yesterday morning a total spooky flavor showed itself as a fog set over the entire area.
Even at 8 in the morning the driveway lights were still on.

 This photo is late afternoon Saturday.... the lights were on.
 And here at 8 AM Sunday the lights were once again glowing.
 Come drive past our house in the evenings if you want a spooky time.
Don't mind the 'no tresspassing' sign.
We won't have you arrested unless it's past Halloween.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Same As Any Other Day

 Well, somebody said it's Friday the 13th and that bad things happen on this day.
So I thought I better look around and see if anything bad is happening out there.
 The front porch and yard look just like they always do.

 I kept on looking, waiting to see if there was something bad outside.
 Everything looked good.
The grass was still green, it was still raining, and the leaves on the trees were still turning from green to orange.

 Then I looked at the backyard, but Nope.
Nothing bad happening there either.
I'm just not believing there's anything to this Friday the 13th hoax thing.
It was just like any other day.

Friday, October 6, 2017

New Music For The Times Of Your Life

Because most of us equate memorable times in our life by a song we heard at that time.
Here are a few new songs to make new memories with.

Sabrina Claudio.
A sultry, soft, sexy tune for your autumn evenings with your sweetie.

 Charlie Puth ATTENTION.
He's my boyfriend... I love me some Charlie.

Miley Cyrus.... Oh, I know you don't like her, but check this out!
Love the changes she is making in her music.

Give t he girl a chance to redeem herself because I'm sure you have made poor choices in  your life at some point too.

Enjoy these tunes over the week-end.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

What Mama Can't Afford

 Praise be to the porch!
The fabulous October PORCH!!
Yippee Kai YAY PORCH!

 So I purchased a few smaller sized pumpkins for the screened porch.
We don't have a lot of 'color changing' trees on our property.
They are mostly piney type trees that don't change like deciduous trees do, so the pumpkins are my fall color from our somewhat like tree house screened porch off the back of our kitchen.
 Did you know that when we sit on this porch that we are at the level of birds flying past?
We see cardinals and bluejays go zipping past us and last month the humming birds were even peeking in through our screens.
Such nosey but lovely little creatures and they make us laugh.

 Along with the pumpkins I had two potted mums on the porch, but today they are planted in the pots on the lower level back patio.  Hopefully they will do well there in REAL flower pots instead of the plastic containers they came in which had them root bound.

 Another benefit to the porch and deck area are that these two have access by a doggie door to be shaded inside the porch, or had through their flapped doggie door to sunbathe.  This month, with it's cooler temperatures, they seem to enjoy sunbathing during the morning hours, and come evenings they move inside and sleep on the dog bed until it's time to come inside for t he night.  Spoiled could definitely be the word to describe them.
 A katie did has been hanging out on the outside of the porch.
She's there on a daily basis.

 October wardrobe with plaids has definitely kicked into  high gear for me, layering is definitely the answer.
AND, red plaid is totally da bomb and makes me feel pretty darned cheery.
 Blouse is Kasper brand from Steinmart at $39.99
Scarf from last year and I still love it as much as the day I purchased it.
The leggings are the Suave brand, also from Steinmart at $29.99,  and they are sold out.

AND.... still no shoes.
Mama can't afford them.  LOL

Monday, October 2, 2017

You May Have It All To Yourself

 Another night in the 30's.  Another day in the 60's.
Thank you Weatherman.
Thank you Mother Nature.
 Comfortable, enjoyable days on the porch have arrived.

It's the time of year when we can breathe again.
Take your swimming pools.
Take your high temperatures.
Take the blasting sun.
Take your slithering snakes.
And your mosquitoes. 

We will shovel our way through winter.
We will take October, enjoy it, and breathe easy until early spring.

And when summer arrives again, you may have it all to yourself.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Potted Mums Are Dying

 Here are just a few photos of the front porch ready for the fall season.
 My mums look perky and healthy on the day I brought them home, but I have to say that this year mums are just not doing all that great.  They have died within just a few days, and in previous years have not done so.

 I think it was due to temperatures in the high 80's for an extended period of time.
I've tried more watering on some and less on others, with more sunshine for some and less for others
and nothing has worked.

 The pumpkins, however, are happy as always.
No care needed.
 I always plant a few fall flowers on the back deck and in pots on the back patio, but I am hesitant this year to even try since tossing my money away simply does not float my boat.
If summers continue to be hot for so long, then my potted flowers may just be a thing of the past.
Have any of you had your potted mums die early this year?
But oh how I love the colors!!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Because I LOVE music!

Okay... not sure how I stumbled across this one, but I like it's light feeling as the week-end approaches.
Mundane tasks to do today, like grocery buying and getting truck washed, so this new Camila song called 'Havana' will be on re-play in my vehicle.

Have a kick ass week-end!