Meet The Blogger

 Welcome to Life On Sprinkle where I write about life in the Virginia countryside after decades of city life. Subjects will include marriage, pets, gardening, fashion, humor and nonsense, as I glide through my sixties.

 I've been with this fella since 1997 after meeting on an internet dating website.

We married in 2007 after moving back and forth nearly all the way across the U.S. three times because he gets bored with his engineering job after completing the job they hired him for.
It's been a ride for sure.
He's now retired from working in the corporate world and started his own consulting business in 2013 and that along with his many home projects keeps him occupied while I blog and also shop a lot.

 We've been in Virginia since 2007 and I still haven't decided if I love it here or if moving on once again will be in the plan.
Who knows!

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