Sunday, October 22, 2023

Time Travel

 Not really time travel, but it has been 8 months since I posted here.  It was a very longe and beautiful spring this year, with a visit from family in early June, which technically is still springtime.  Once summertime came the heat that I so dislike reared it's humid, hot head and stuck around much too long.  The hydrangeas gave me only six blooms due in part I suppose because we had a late hard frost and none of our outdoor flowering bushes really showed off much this year.  Then, just when we thought the maddening heat was done with us life threw us a curve ball.  My husband had a heart attack which required a stent be placed, which meant blood thinners would be necessary, and his body is not taking kindly to them, giving him heavy pain from a condition they sometimes create, very similar to arthritis in his shoulders, hands and knees.  

I have never been a caregiver, but for many of our generation it will happen, and there is no warning or training prior to.  You just kind of have to wing it day to day and know that your loved one's needs may or may not change from day to day.  Doing my best trying to keep his spirits up as well as my own, and it's not easy.  

So, our much beloved autumn time of the year is not what we expected it would be, but here we are....

Hope everyone is doing well if there are still any active blog readers out there.  

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