Thursday, February 16, 2023

It's Subjective

 Artwork in your home is subjective, but only to your eye.  I've been in homes with only family photos on every wall of the home and sitting on every shelf, dresser, and counter, which seems safe, but oh how boring.  It really says so much less about you than it could.
And I've been in homes that have only walls filled with locations of places they have been and experienced. Perhaps you are an adventurous person who has been everywhere and wants to be surrounded by memories of those moments, or maybe it's combined with photo or artwork of places you have yet to travel to and want to daydream about.  It's good to mix and match.

Some folks only like florals.  Now, that's a safe bet, but the world offers us so much more than just flowers, although I have to admit that I have a couple of these photos in my home.... but I certainly don't over do it with the flowery stuff and rather enjoy a good mix in what I choose to hang on my walls.  The kitchen for instance is all fruit, like apples, oranges, but as of today my plan is to print off a photo I took of a place we have been that evokes a food memory we had. Again... mix things up a little. 

And then there are those that are so paralyzed with decision making that they have no art on their walls, and to them my advice is simply to choose something you like and do not to try to impress the world or  have a need for art that is 'in the style of your home'.  HUH?  What does that even mean?  Art is after all subjective and for your information does not need to be 'in the style' of the rest of your home.  You can change it out tomorrow if you decide it doesn't work for you.... just make sure you like it.  That's the only person it needs to appeal to.  

I have art and photos all over my office walls, just because I can't choose just one.  I enjoy many pieces of artwork.  Eclectic taste I would say.  

Please don't leave your walls empty, just for fear of choosing the wrong thing, or because you don't want a nail hole in your wall.  I've seen some people that have lived in the same house for 10, 20 and even 40 years, and they STILL have nothing on the walls other than the paint they brushed on that long ago. 

If after more than a year or two of moving into a home you just can't decide about what to hang on your walls, then please see a psychiatrist (LOL), because it's known as 'paralysis by analysis, and your mental problem is on full display every time someone enters your home.  
Your brain is a mess.

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