Sunday, July 25, 2021


 IF you are back into the swing of entertaining, or simply hosting family gatherings, then you may be one of some, that love putting out a lot of cold meats, sliced fruits, pickles, olives, cheese and crackers for your guests.

We have always loved doing this and used a plastic platter for all of the yummies to be displayed on, but a charcuterie board just adds a special look imho.

I did an Amazon search and couldn't find exactly the look I wanted, although they would probably be a great buy for someone seeking out those particular styles.  I did find this large size at Target, which also comes in a shorter and narrower size.

For now it's home is under an old dough bowl that holds dried flowers, that is until I clean out a few un-needed and unwanted items from the cabinet where we currently keep overflow kitchen items such as holiday plates, platters, and cake pedestals.

If charcuterie is your thing, as it is ours, check out Target for this great looking board by Magnolia.

Party on, Dudes!

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