Friday, April 30, 2021

Gone With The Wind

It's the last day of April so I thought I'd catch you up on what little news there is.

We've bought everything we want for the garden, but of course had two overnight freezes not too many days ago, so potted tomatoes and bell peppers spent their evenings inside the house and by day they would be moved out to a sunny back deck.  Today it's far too windy to set them out on the deck, since they would be knocked over for certain, so they are inside the screened porch.  Not a lot of sunshine there, but temperatures are in the 50's at the moment, so the plants will do fine.  

The porch furniture has been set in place.  My plan was to have bought all new furniture for the porch this year, but instead those dollars are being spent on completing the backsplash, painting walls, and also doing a bit of wainscoting.  Covid kept us from completing it last year, and this year the prices have skyrocketed so that it's taking much more of the money that the porch furniture would have.  There's always next year for the furniture, and I know we'll be happy to have the laundry room done, because there's nothing more unnerving to me to walk into a room with an uncompleted dream.  The new backsplash will really liven things up.

We have both had our Covid shots, so we do venture away from our home a bit more these days.  The most frightening days of the pandemic are behind us, although we do still choose to wear face masks when around other people.  Safety first for sure!!

As many of you already may know, we lost both of our pups, Izzy last June, and Rowdy this past March. Life has been quieter around the house and yard, and we are learning to live with this new norm since we won't be replacing them.  They were in face irreplaceable in our hearts.
I dedicate these springtime photos to the two of them as they romp some where far away over that renowned Rainbow Bridge.

Now I'm going to step outside on this extremely windy spring day and enjoy all of the blossoms before they disappear into the wind for another year.

Be well.


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