Sunday, July 18, 2021

FFS It's Not ALWAYS about YOU!


Summertime and it's dreary, hot and humid days tend to make people spend too much time indoors in front of the screen of their choice.  Desktop, iPad, Phone.  They tend to turn inwards and make each and every little thing about themselves, perhaps because they are feeling sad that they can't get out and do the activities they would rather be doing.  They mope and feel sorry for themselves when the temperatures rise near, and sometimes over the 100 degree mark. 

I have multiple cases where I could point out specific instances to you, but why name people and not only make them considerably more mopey, but possibly cry.

Most of you know that I am not a flowery speaker, so I don't use words like 'lovely', or 'sweetie', 'perfect day', or 'splendid'.  To me these are similar to the Southern phrase 'bless your heart'.  They reek of insincerity and phoniness, something I am not, and I spot the insincere usage of these words and do a HUGE eye roll on this side of the computer screen.

I am much more apt to speak with clear precision and not pretense, and if you see that as harsh, then you are just wrong.  If you think that I am always talking about you or dissing on you simply because I don't use flowery language, then it's really your problem to deal with, and perhaps you should be the one who learns to communicate more clearly rather than in your flowery, phony way.

See the  photo of my hosta from last week?  Weren't they simply lovely?


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