Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Ready For Fall

 We say good riddance to June and July, the two summer months from Hell this year.
Too hot.
Too humid.
Too uncomfortable.
Late afternoons when you simply pull the curtains and close up the house to keep the heat out.
Many days it felt like a cave in here, but it was the only way to stay comfortable and keep the house at it's coolest.
Heat is why we left Arizona in 2007 and moved to Virginia, but it now seems to have become a problem here also.
Where to next?
It's hard to even find the energy to think about moving somewhere else, but we certainly have contemplated it during the summer of 2017.
 Our butterfly bushes don't have a lot of blossoms left for attracting butterflies, but they are doing their best to keep the critters happy, and I have a few movie clips to prove it which I will do my best to get posted once I put the clips together and crop a bit here and there.

 The garden is doing okay this year, although not as robust as last summer....
we are awaiting the bell peppers and hope there are enough over the next month to allow us to do a few stuffed ones to enjoy, and to share with a neighbor or two also.
When our plants only produce a few, we become hoarders and no one else gets any from our garden.
The weeks ahead will tell what happens.
 The tomatoes, although still very green, are bulking up in size and as long as worms and bugs are minimal, my husband will have some heavenly tomatoes to enjoy.
 We had one day recently with temperatures in the 70's, so of course that meant grilling some burgers for dinner.

 He does not like his photo taken, so I do a bit of sneakery (probably not a real word) behind him.

 Rowdy grabs the last spot of afternoon sunshine to be found on the deck.

 The lawn turns brown when the summer heat turns up it's volume and not enough rain falls, but fortunately we have had just enough rain to keep things green.
 These two enjoy a tad of shade.
 And then Rowdy heads to the front door to see what his dad is doing indoors.
I took his photo at the vet yesterday.... he had an infection that is now being treated...
one of those icky anal gland infections.
Meds are taking care of it for him and soon he'll be back to par and able to enjoy the last month of summertime
and soft shady grass.

We are all ready for fall at our house.
How have you faired?  Are you a summer rat or do you prefer the cooler months?


  1. Awww - your pups are adorable!

  2. Love your "kids!"
    Do you have well water, under ground sprinkling?
    Just sent you a "soup for fall" recipe!
    Bring on cooler weather soon!