Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Will It Go Bald

 Will I go bald?  Probably, considering how much my hair has thinned over the past four years and there is not a product in the world that shows me any improvement.... but alas.

The other balding issue is regarding calf hair products such as shoes and handbags.  I would not wear calf hair shoes because most of the styles offered don't look comfortable in the least.  Why wear things that pinch your toes just because you want to try to look 'with it'?
 I do however love the look of a calf hair leopard print clutch or even a larger bag, but in reading about them, they can develop bald spots from simply brushing up against your clothing.  A person would need to carry/use the purse sparingly and then keep it tucked away in a dust bag.
That however is not how I use my handbags.... when I buy them, I USE THEM on a constant basis, so it would end up being just another balding issue in my life and the handbag would end up looking like the top of my head.  Thin, sparse, and pink skin showing through.  
Okay, so there's no skin going to show through on a calfskin clutch handbag.

These clutch bags can cost as much or more than larger handbags, so to have it and only keep it tucked away in a dust cover/bag in my closet, well.... I'm not sure that works for me.

Do you own one?
Have you had heavy shedding or balding spots appear on yours?
Would love to know.

I'll just have to continue to salivate over the darn things.... for now anyway.


  1. I agree, they're pretty, but I would choose some pretty soft leather if I had a clutch on my list. I'd be more worried about stains than bald spots because I just can't be that careful.

  2. I do not have a clutch or handbag but I do have an expensive bracelet with silver and a cowhide band.
    It has worn spots on it, quite obvious, upsets me!
    (Did you read my post/email about Mona, Wyspersweetly of Cottages?)