Friday, July 28, 2017

National Lipstick Day on the 29th

 I LOVE wearing lipstick, and I wear it nearly every day even if staying home for the day.
It's bright and lifts my spirits and also serves as a great lip moisturizer during the winter months.
This is an orange color from Revlon that I have had a long time and I wear it only a few times a year.
This one is a great pink color, also by Revlon and it's in my line-up of lip colors that I wear throughout the year.
*above photo is Mac's All Fired Up *Matte Formula*  All time favorite!*

This is a list of the Mac lipsticks I now own:
Full Fuschia *Amplified Formula*
Pressed and Ready *Lustre Formula* washes me out big time
Show Orchid *Amplified Formula*
Chatterbox *Amplified Formula*  A great looking pink
Girl About Town *Amplified Formula* LOVE!
Impassioned *Amplified Formula*  LOVE IT!
Snob *Satin Formula* A fun light pink
Faux *Satin Formula* Too light on me and too much brown in it
Rebel *Satin Formula*  too purple on me
Mac Red *Satin Formula*  Too red on me but wear it occasionally anyway
Steady Going *Retro Matte Formula*  BRIGHT
Men Love A Mystery *Matte Formula* Bought it for fun, but it's purple and not fun for me
Viva Glam *Satin Formula* Tans are simply not good on me

 From the list of Mac colors, you can see, if you look them up online that those I prefer the most have pink in them... even most of the reds I wear have a touch of pink.  The tans don't serve my skin color well and tend to wash me out, although I love seeing them on other ladies and HEY.... at least I tried them, right?  
Also, my lips tend to want the Amplified Formulas which are creamier and yet they last long, almost as long as the matte formulas, but they don't dry my lips out like the mattes sometimes do.

I know that many ladies don't enjoy lipsticks that get on the teeth.  You would think this would be a big problem for me since many days I wear a Mac gloss over my lipstick.  I just don't apply the gloss to my top lip... only the bottom lip, and this tends to help with that annoying lipstick on the teeth problem.

 Today, a rainy day, requires a bit of color and I chose to wear Show Orchid, one of their Amplified colors which are smooth and creamy and non-drying to the lips.
 Since Saturday is National Lipstick Day, if you head to a Mac lipstick counter they will give you a free lipstick color of your choice with absolutely NO purchase necessary.
Check it out HERE!
  I am planning to try on a few and see if there is a shade I don't have and get it for free!
If you have always wanted to try Mac lipstick then it's a good time to try their product line.
Besides... it makes for a fun girly day!


  1. One of your "signatures" for sure . . .
    Good lookin' lips!
    Happy Day!!!

  2. My oldest daughter made Saturday a girl day, while her boys were with their dad, starting with standing in line to get lipstick at MAC. What a fun promotion.

    For me, I like the long-wearing liquid lipsticks. I call them Perma-lip, because they last all day and require make-up remover to get them off. I spend a couple of minutes at most to get it on evenly, and I'm good to go for the rest of the day. Reds, berry shades, and brick-colored naturals are my favorites.