Sunday, August 6, 2017

Headed For A Fall With Cooler Nights

 With temperatures just a tad lower, the butterflies have shown up.
I don't think they liked the extreme hot June and July any more than we humans did.
 But they came back, just in time to enjoy the last blooms of the butterfly bushes.
They were loaded with blooms earlier, but the butterflies just said, "nope".
 Butterflies can be tricky to photograph since they tend to close their wings the second you are ready to snap the pic, and open them when you are not ready.  
So sneaky.  But I do my best to get a shot or two of them open-winged.
 I did get some great video clips of them, but Youtube no longer likes my software, and until I get a new iMac I don't intend to upgrade the software just for the sake of Youtube videos.

 It's nearly time to say goodbye to my gorgeous butterfly bushes until next year.
I hope I can wait that long for it's beauty to reappear once again!
 July is here and we are getting cooler nights already with a bit of rain forecasted for tomorrow.
Send in the rain!
Send in Autumn!


  1. Yes indeed . . .
    Send it my way too!
    It had been so hot here for days,
    then an evening, night, early morning of rain.
    As I walked out doors in the afternoon I noticed a
    flitting butterfly . . . flitted about and then would dip down
    to the driveway. Poor dear, I think was fthirsty . . .
    Rain water collected in the driveway indents
    provided a few sips for the pretty gem!
    Gotta get a sip wherever you can in this heat!

  2. Gorgeous photos, oh my gosh!!! I planted a butterfly bush but I don't think it likes where I put it....I shall have to move it.