Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Snap The Photo

 Temperatures in the 80's arrived yesterday and we, along with the flowers, were soaking up the sunshine.
Humidity was low.
My favorite weather!
 The sun was high over head when I snapped these photos of the pansies.
Yes, the best time to snap outdoor photos is not the sunniest part of the day, but do we all have to do things the accepted way ALL of the time? 
Different is good.
I'm not a professional photographer.
And to be honest.... you probably aren't either,
so lets stop pretending to be what we aren't.
 Snap the photo, and if YOU like it
then it's a good photo.
 Concentrating on the beauty in life rather than critiquing what is wrong with the photography is so much more relaxing.
 Who cares if greens look yellow, or creams appear pink or blue, or if brown is the color of baby poo,
I'm not selling my photos.... and neither are you.
 My pinks may look purple,
magenta or orange
 my lavendar is aqua
and that blue is atrocious and boring,
 so shut up now, please will ya,
I'm trying to focus.
 Snap the photo.
 Snap the photo.
Snap the photo.

Not everyone wants to be a famous photographer,
so let's all keep that in mind and simply have fun
as we enjoy this big world wide web
and read one another's blogs.
I mean.... the internet!!  
What a joy in itself for those of us who remember a time when none of this was possible.

Snap the photo, share it, enjoy it, and some days
just turn off the comments
and enjoy the quiet moment of the photo of a pansy smiling back from your screen.
Not everyone shoots with an expensive camera.  I have one but rarely use it and find more joy from using my point and shoot which feels better to my arthritic shoulders, nor do I use an expensive photo program that allows for 'cheating' or editing my photos to look completely different than the photo I actually took.  I may sharpen the edges of a flower, but that's it.  If my photos don't appeal to you that's your problem.


  1. I think your photos are simply gorgeous! The colors are so vibrant.

  2. Hello! I love this! :)

    I'm going to remember this more in the days ahead because I obsess and stop posting because the pictures dont seem adequate.


  3. Pretty flowers. Nice photos! The professional photographers around here that do our brochures prefer 10 o'clock in the morning this time of year.

  4. I enjoy your photos and agree people shouldn't obsess so much over cameras and light that a picture is never taken. It is a shame people are so free with criticism - it can be crippling. Blogs are for sharing and that is what you do so wonderfully. A pansy shot in any light always brings a smile!

  5. I think your photos are gorgeous, what's better than flowers in the sunshine? :)

  6. Your photos are wonderful . . .
    No perfecto photo critique from me . . .
    See it, like it . . . snap, click . . . my style . . .

    Pansy faces (or is it Pansie) make me smile . . .
    And the colors are Dee-Lish . . .

  7. It's getting warmer here too, we are expecting 70s today and tomorrow, this is very exciting!! :)
    I love your flowers, they look so beautiful and so do your pictures by the way!! Thanks for sharing so much beauty!! :)