Saturday, August 5, 2017

Date Night

 My husband suggested we get ice cream.... it's a great treat and one that we try not to indulge in too often because of the calories and the fat content.
BUT, it was Friday night, and for many couples that means 'date night'.
A Bruster's kind of date night.

 The weather was looking 'not so spectacular' but we ventured out to a much recommended ice cream business anyway, since the ice cream there is rated four our five stars.
 They make their own ice cream and their own waffle cones!
 The key lime was one of their new flavors so I had to try it since I am a total fan of just about anything 'key lime', and it was worth it!
 and as for my husband.... he had chocolate, which is a given with him.  ALWAYS chocolate.
I like to live life a bit more dangerously and try multiple flavors given the opportunity, because for me,
life is NOT a box of chocolates.
It's a box of so much more than that!
We finished our treats just as the sky opened up and poured down, in fact we had been experiencing small amounts of sprinkles throughout our date.
Into the car we headed just after the last nibble of waffle cone, and


Thanks for a great date, Sweetie.
Oh how the years have gone by.

1 comment :

  1. Switch up north of you . . .
    Mister Irish is Key Lime and Missy Me . . . chocolate . . .
    (Fresh, New, Rain, Date . . . all good!)