Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Kermit May Not Agree

 The planting bed at the east side of our home is filled with wonderful greens, reds, fuschia and pinks, and although there are times I would love to add in more colors, there is simply not room.  We purchased our home in 2013 and have only added two bushes to this area since that time, the two butterfly bushes.
 One of the plants I love are the hosta, mostly just green, but a couple of varigated ones as well.... and they have light lavender blossoms, which by this time in August are just stalks that have been left behind that at one time held the lavender blossoms.

 Because their blossoms don't last long, and for the most part they are only big green leaves, they are sometimes seen as a boring plant, and there are SOME people who find them to be simply boring.
 Kermit may not agree with you.
He's a frog.... and frogs don't hide beneath these broad shady leaves.... but the toads on our property find them to be a great place to hide from the heat of the summer days, a place to burrow into and sleep safely through the night, a place to keep the heavy rains off their wee little heads.

 I like to think that they find comfort in this area of our property.

 Our hard rains the past two evenings brought down a few branches from the crepe myrtle which is now in high bloom, and some the petals have been scattered onto the bed below.
 The greens of summer are nothing like the greens we see here in the springtime, which are softer, less vivid and a sign of new life.
 Instead, the darker greens of August are a reminder that things will change in a matter of weeks.
These greens that Kermit loves so much are already bringing cooler nights to our doorstep,
more deer to the yard, more doe and their fawn, more bucks.... everyone already starting to fatten themselves for what lies ahead for all of us.
 And the Queen Anne's Lace is so lovely, like a white umbrella amidst the rainy ferns.
The clock runs far too fast for us these days, with it's tick tock tick tock from winter to spring, followed by summer to fall and then it re-winds and all happens again.
We can't keep up.

And tomorrow I'll bring you the fuschia of the crepe myrtle followed by a tomato that has begun to ripen.
My husband is pretty excited about THAT!


  1. I find the greens of the Hosta, a great beauty in the gardens.
    We have many . . .
    I do have issue with the stalk like flowers in Lavender though.
    I cut them . . . I like seeing the Hosta beds in the green, and variegated green.
    The flower seems to mess up the view for me.
    Our variegated green Hosta has a large stalk, with a white flower.
    I cut it as well. It is attractive in a bouquet though . . .

    I find bunnies and chippies hiding out under those Hosta leaves.

    Loving these cooler nights, and I can't wait for those days of fall.

    I wish Queen Anne Lace would get more attention . . .
    I find it such a beauty . . .

    Wonderful pictures Diane . .

  2. The Creeping Jenny is pretty coming down over the rocks. I leave the hosta blossoms for the bees, but when the seed pods form I cut the stalks. Unless it's really hot and humid... then they don't bother me so much. :) We're having beautiful weather here in 'Eclipseville"