Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Musket Balls

 We have a VERY long lane that comes up the hill, around a curve, to our actual driveway.
It is a 'shared' lane, a private lane, for us and for our two neighbors.
In this photo you see our property on the left, and another neighbor's is on the right..... but the lane up to his house is down the main road a bit..... his property simply butts up to our private lane.  Neither side of this lane is owned by the two neighbors who share the lane with us.  We three homeowners maintain the lane, purchase and grade rock when needed and in the winter we all clear the snow.  It's no big deal.... well, except to one, a 74 year old grumpy man who chooses to not share the cost of the rock.  *ahem*  BUT, the rock delivery generally costs around $300, so the other homeowner shares the cost with us.... it's really no big deal since no one wants to deal with the grumpy guy.  

Anyway.... keep in mind that we own the property/land on the left.
 You will recall a while back that I did a post about a neighbor down the main road that left us a bag of squash and he also included a pamphlet about the Constitution, and he has a Trump/Pence sign out by his driveway.... Being for the candidate of his choice is simply that... HIS CHOICE, and we don't discuss politics with any of our neighbors.... it's just better to keep things peaceful amongst neighbors is how we feel about it.  Firing homemade musket balls at one another sort of ruins things, don't you agree?

So yesterday my husband found that someone had placed a political sign at the bottom of our lane, a Trump Pence sign, and they placed it our OUR property just behind that very large rock.  Okay... this pissed him off, because first off... that's OUR property, and secondly, Trump is not our candidate of choice.... so my husband pulled up the sign and placed it on the other side of the lane.....the 'not our property' side of the lane.

No one has said anything to us about it, and no one has put the sign back on our side of the lane... but in a county that is 30% Democrat and 70% Republican..... let's just say we wouldn't put it past them.  We could have simply thrown the sign away, but if belongs to one of the neighbors we share the lane with, we do want to respect their political beliefs.... just not on our property.

We will be thankful when all of this nasty political drama is over and done.
In the meantime.... they should probably keep their signs off our property before we re-think the musket balls.


  1. He was not right to put that on your property! ! Amazed at his audacity. And I would've thrown it away!! You were nicer than me! Ha ha ha lol!! Have a great day my friend on the lane!

  2. That's not ok - like you said, it's your property and should be limited to YOUR political views!!

  3. Where I live here in OK, I bet it's more like 20% Democrat or lower. And I happen to be in that percentage. Living among the "other side" is not easy, to say the least. But I try to keep my mouth shut because many of the people carry guns. And I'm against people just walking around for no reason with guns. Because we have far too many shootings here where people lose their temper for some stupid reason, and because they have a gun, they use it. Oh well, got off topic. I'm trying my best to stay out of the political fray.

  4. Great post, Pepper. I just had an earful today on my blog from readers who are clearly Trump supporters, or Clinton non-supporters...or whatever. I wrote a post about Trump's comment "nasty woman" and how the term seems to have morphed into a euphemism for "strong, smart women." And then I went on to talk about some strong, smart women (including my grandmother) whom I admired. Phew. Some comments from Hilary supporters, a few Trump supporters telling me (as a Canadian) I shouldn't be "inserting myself" into American politics. I didn't mean to wade into the fray..so to speak. But the musket balls were flying a little. Ha. I'll be glad when November 8 comes, and I don't even get to vote:)

  5. Loved the "musket balls" thoughts . . .
    To each his own . . .
    BUT not on my property . . .
    On our drive north a few weeks ago we were amazed at all the
    Trump/Pence signs . . .
    Our thought . . .
    REALLY . . .
    Not US . . .
    But like I said, "To each his own!"
    (Yard Signs, mailings, phone messages . . . just a few more days!)

  6. I wonder how that "Constitutionalist" neighbor feels now hearing his candidate talk about jailing flag burners, berating journalists for unfavorable coverage, and trying to ban protests ;)