Sunday, October 30, 2016

Amost Over

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Well, Folks, 
this week-end is nearly the last prior to the Election to decide who the next President of our country will be and which of the two will be subjected to at least four years of big time partisanship that we all know is going to continue in our country.  It's childish and sickening and only proves that they don't give a rat's a** about the people they represent, but instead continue to do nothing.... absolutely nothing but prepare for the next election cycle.
I truly wish that our government could get it's crap together, stop knit picking and throwing up roadblocks that keep either side from running the country.
I'm so fed up with them.
Every last one of them.

I refuse to watch the circus on television... it gives me high blood pressure and ulcers and makes me sometimes just want to pack up and move to another country where I don't have to think about all the bullshit and how NASTY people are treating one another when discussing this election.

Oh.... I will vote, but I'm not excited about her... and he disgusts me in other ways.
But PLEASE....
the next time around in another four years can we pretty please have at least one decent candidate who is honest, doesn't degrade groups of people, and offers us their views on the REAL ISSUES our country is facing.  At least one debate without just 100% character assassination spewing from the mouth of both candidates would be a plus also.
I worry that we will never return to normal, which for this entire election has been nothing more than a setting on my washing machine.

I think we are all just tired and pissed off at a government that does nothing all year long to earn their fat paychecks and fabulous healthcare and does NOTHING to help ours.
Do you think they realize what absolute jackasses they are? 

Are you as tired of it all as I am?
More caffeine, please.


  1. I have not allowed myself to watch the theatrics of this election. I care too much about my blood pressure!

  2. I wish I had your restraint to avoid TV political &*%^ ! I too moved from the city to country living, and not one regret! Most people at my age move into town...we did the opposite. :/ Surrounded by Trump, Lock Her Up, and Hillary for Prison signs, so agree 100% will be über relieved on November 8th! I voted for Hillary and am thrilled about a woman president, but still have reservations about her as you do! This wackadoodle season has given permission for the ugly vitriol being spewed. On a happy note, I love your blog! I have been living on our tiny farm and in our small bungalow for a year with our chickens and dogs, and dearly love it!

  3. Will we ever see some kind of NORMAL again . . .
    Yegads it has been awful . . .
    Well said my friend!
    I agree totally . . .

  4. Lynn we will get through this! Your charming blog tells me you suround yourself with beauty and these times so necessary! Eight more days!!

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  6. Hmmm Hope you are having a great day ♥