Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Charred Chicken And The Constitution

 While my husband took the pups on the morning walk today in 38 degree, foggy, fall weather, I stayed home and enjoyed a egg, onion, avocado and pepper on toast breakfast.
It was delicious I might add.
 Now, my husband always enjoys his walk which allows our pups to play with other neighborhood pups who happen to be out getting walked by their humans as well, and then he returns home and tells me all of what he heard from the neighbors.
He enjoys being a social butterfly here on our little backroad in Botetourt County.
A HIGHLY Republican county I might add, but we who are more liberal and possibly stick out like sore thumbs amongst the Fox News watchers don't mind, because we are all the same.
We all enjoy country grown tomatoes from our gardens.
 We all share holidays and enjoy pumpkins on our porches this time of year.  We all enjoy wearing jeans, hats, turtlenecks and things that keep us warm on 38 degree mornings.
Many of us enjoy technology and sitting on our porches and decks, and the internet technology that allows us to do so here in the country.

We all enjoy some great chicken from the grill with just a touch of char on it to go along with those fresh homegrown veggies.... and we LOVE sharing our veggies with one another,
 and laughing at Republican neighbors who leave you a bag of squash in a bag at the end of the driveway with a pamphlet about the Constitution of The United States.
I guess he thinks we need to be converted to Trumpettes.
Sorry Dude.... not happening, but you sure gave us a good laugh this morning!
And.... if you want to discuss politics, come on over and we'll char you some chicken.


  1. The title of this blog post alone was enough to make me come have a peek. OMG! Your poor neighbor. Or maybe it's poor you (and me) stuck here in a big RED county, not sure which. But your point is well taken - we should not be so divided. I loved this post.

  2. Looking good, lady, in those jeans and that hat - you pull off a hat better than anyone I know!!

  3. I have yet to find another Hillary supporter in my rural Virginia county, so I just keep my mouth shut as I stumble over all the Trump signs. Sometimes I wonder how I managed to become a Democrat when I've lived here my whole life.

  4. Delightful . . .
    Gotta love 'em . . .
    No "trumpette" here in conservative country . . .
    I find it strange, conservative and Trump in the same sentence . . .
    Nice jacket!