Friday, September 23, 2016

Weekly Round-Up

 What a wonderful week we had!
Early in the week this lovely, pumpkin design pillow cover arrived from Stacey at Poofing The Pillows.  Leaving a comment was all a person had to do, and then let the random comment picker do the rest of the work.
It chose my name, and I couldn't be more in love with the pillow cover to help celebrate the Autumn Equinox and show my love for the season on our porch!  Thank you so much, Stacey!
That same evening we ate hearty homemade lettuce salads with grilled chicken breasts on our porch.  It's just a perfect place to be this time of year.
 as these two fur babies can attest.  They too are loving the cooler weather.
We also celebrated our wedding anniversary with dinner out on Wednesday evening, at Carlos Brazilian Restaurant which sits on a mountain hillside and offers views of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains and also of the setting sun..
 The company (my husband) and I REALLY enjoyed our celebration this year!
 A litte wine.
 and a little chicken, shrimp, crabmeat and pasta for me,
 while he enjoyed rice, keilbasa, clams and scallops.
 Then I did a naughty thing and ordered Key Lime Pie for dessert, and while my waistline fussed with me over the calories, my mouth said, "just shut up and enjoy".  And so I DID!
 And a piece of chocolate cake jumped onto his plate.
 Then the sunset put on a show for us.

 and just as we arrived home after dinner, it looked like this!
Can you think of a more perfect view to end your day?
 We awoke Thursday morning to a blue and gold sunrise, nearly as awe-worthy as the sunset the night before.
 and enjoyed some of our anniversary flowers on the deck as we sipped coffee.

 This could be the last sign of summer, the last butterfly of the season, which fluttered about my butterfly bush this week also.

 Like I said.... just a PERFECT week for us!
Thanks for stopping by to see us.


  1. That looked like a very yummy anniversary dinner. Congrats and best wishes for many more.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Those anniversaries are so important to celebrate. Your dinner looked amazing and I love the setting.

    So glad you like the pillow. :)

  3. Happy Anniversary . . .
    I love hearing about good food, sunsets and sun rises . . .
    Beautiful views, celebrating, relaxing and living life . . .
    Your perfect week and your love was a "perk" for me . . .

  4. Happy Anniversary! Your dinner looks yummy...and the view is beautiful. What a cute pillow...just perfect for your porch.

  5. Happy Anniversary! Your sky shots are stunning and your porch looks so cozy!