Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Christmas Music Thoughts

I was sitting here in front of my computer screen this morning and suddenly it dawned on me that I had not done any kind of music posts in some time.
Now, I know it's a bit early for this, but each year I do a post about new Christmas/Holiday CD's that are coming out.... here is what my online snooping and searching revealed about that subject today.

Reba is issuing a new Christmas CD through Cracker Barrel.
There is a list of songs that are on the CD, but I could not find any sample listenings of the music.

Word also has it that Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood will have their first Christmas duets CD out this year also!  Such great, rich voices they have.

Rascal Flatts let it slip that they will have a Christmas CD this year. Release date to be Oct. 21st.

Kacey Musgraves will be on a Christmas tour in November and December with her newest Christmas songs from a new CD also.

Chris Young is talking about a Christmas CD. Release date to be Oct. 14th.

Okay... so those are all COUNTRY music Christmas CD's.
Let's see what else is on the menu this year.

This one is from 2012, not really new, except to me perhaps, but it's some great soft tunes for Christmas sung by Roberta Flack. You remember Roberta, right?  I like the sound of this CD and it is available for download on iTunes.  

This one has also been around since 2012, but it's so lovely I simply had to include it, by Scala and Kolacny Brothers and their hit December... but the other songs are as lovely if not more so.  The entire CD is on iTunes for download.
You can listen to the CD Below.

Chris Standring and Kathrin Shorr, from 2012... Send Me Some Snow!

*image here* on Amazon
Oooh, Sarah McLachlan Wonderland... it's on iTunes and new for 2016!

*image here*
Jennifer Nettles!
This should be a fun one!
October 28th is the release date, so watch for it!

*image via*

AND, last but not least, our darling Neil Diamond will release his new Christmas CD on October

Watch online or in stores for all of this wonderful Christmas music, some old and some new, but all are bound to give you a merrier Christmas and happy holiday season this year.



  1. I was out and about shopping today and I saw
    my first Christmasy things . . .
    So early . . .
    Nice Christmas music selections . . .
    I might like that Neil Diamond . . .

  2. Lots of real good music there! I think i would love the Reba one and maybe Rascal flatts! Thanks for the post!

  3. Well this is a fun post. It's about time I stretch my ears and listen to something more contemporary at Christmas. I usually stick with the classics, but I think these sound great...and my Mitch Miller album could use a break! ;)