Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Let's Dine In The Basement

It's a wee bit dreary outdoors today, and actually that stonework is wet with rain.... I took this photo a few days ago, before our 60 something weather, and now this rainy weather arrived.
Winter can be just the dreariest time of year and if you aren't careful the doldrums will set in.
So I decided to add a bit of color to my day with what I was wearing, and I grabbed my pink and gray blanket scarf....because bright pinks cheer me.... not that soft pink that the color choosers in the fashion world decided we should all use this year... that little girl baby pink.... but a HOT pink.
I'd left the scarf in my office, and I decided it would look great with my new hot pink jacket that I found at a great clearance price at our local Penelope store.
They have much higher prices than I normally pay for my clothing, so finding a hot pink jacket on clearance, that I had noticed in December at full price, was a high five moment for me.
Once I had put my outfit together I headed downstairs.. yes, my dining room furniture is in the basement due to this house not having an actual dining room, but we didn't want to get rid of the dining set since who knows what our next home will be like.... should we ever decide to move again.
Hey!  It COULD happen someday, and dining room sets are quite pricey.
 So, here I am in the outfit I chose, and Isabelle is determined to sniff the new jacket, just in case anyone dangerous tried it on before me.
OH... and a very very rare photo of me without my hat on.
 Leather crushable hat by Minnetonka
Gray turtleneck sweater from Macy's
Longline pink jacket from Penelopes
Torn denim jeans from Macy's
Black Suede Boots (old) from my closet
Blanket Scarf from Penelopes

This was a fun outfit that brightened my day, although the high heeled boots came off immediately after the photo.  I can't walk in high heels anymore without my feet hurting.
BUT, they sure were awesome when I bought them some years ago!

Have fun with some bright color to cheer you during these gray winter days.

OH!! And happy February!!


  1. Really sassy and nice . . .
    (I wonder why it shows me from Sterling Heights there on your traffic feed . . .
    I am far away from there . . .

  2. Because each time you log onto your computer the router is assigned a new number from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and that is generally a number that shows your area, not your home address. Your ISP knows your exact location, but that information is not provided to web counters or traffic feeds. If the police needed to know exactly where you are, your Internet Service Provider could give them that. Traffic feeds on internet sites are more of a 'general area'. xo

  3. You are cracking me up with your high heels. I used to always wear heels no matter what the weather, but with age and a few spills under my belt I'm more practical now and wear more flats. To bad we didn't live closer we could shop fashion together :)

  4. Love the cheery pink jacket! Looks great with or without your hat!

  5. That pink is a great color on you!! Love the outfit - you look fantastic!!

  6. Good color for you Diane...Hope you aren't getting the rain that we are today..With all the snow, it's starting to get foggy...