Sunday, September 11, 2016

Things I Love

These are just a few things I stumbled over this morning while reading blogs.
Links to the things I love:

My hair has thinned out, but if I could still do a bun, I would do THIS BUN because it is fun!

I've been collecting a few pins for the lapel of my jean jacket.  This one is FAR OUT!

Pintrill has great, fun pins, but they sell out fast, so if you see one that someone might want this Christmas.... click on it and buy it NOW

Jane Mount on Etsy has pins of BOOKS!  These look wonderful!

Would totally wear this shirt with a great looking pair of jeans.... if it weren't over-priced!

Starting to look like a frazzled frumpy over-worked mom or grandma?  Try taking that Wal-Mart SHELL up a notch!

I saw this PILOT JACKET at their local store yesterday and it's AWESOME!


Saw THIS, but didn't buy it.  Very cute though....

Here's a CUTE BICYCE PILLOW on clearance!

Have fun doing your Sunday Shopping!