Thursday, September 15, 2016

Not Yet Fall, But ALMOST!

Oh, Hello.... it's been a while.  
Gotta get my blogging mojo to go some mo.
 We have new flowers on the porch and deck.
My husband's idea, and he does most of the watering of them.
 Some of them seem rather dainty for fall flowers,
and we usually buy mums.
I may still buy a few since I REALLY enjoy them in the fall with their 'fallish' colors, whereas these seem more springlike to me.
 I've always wanted some type of ornamental cabbage or kale, and so far I am not disappointed in this one which sits in our small rickety chair on the front porch.
It fills the pot so fully and completely too.... no room for anything but the kale.
Bashful Betty curtsies to the pots of flowers all day and all night.
She knows that the green leaves and colorful blooms that Mother Nature gives us are
important to the earth, and to us, as they put more oxygen into the air.
And did I tell you that the butterfly bush is still attracting critters?
I had to look this one up on the internet... it's an Eastern Comma Butterfly that paid us a surprise visit a few days ago.
My favorite butterfly this year.

What's new for fall at your place?


  1. Ornamental cabbage and kale are perfect for fall. I love mums but they are treated as annuals here (for the most part). The butterfly is gorgeous...good call on planting the butterfly bush.

  2. Something about color that immediately brings cheer . . .
    Pot full of ruffled edged kale does it too . .