Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Any Recommendations?

 Although my husband and I struggled with the idea of getting iPhones this year, to be honest, it's been a good thing.  For him, a great thing because he never misses a client call, and for me I get to capture even more of what goes on around me.
 Most smart phones have great quality cameras on them as well as apps for those photos, of which I have yet to download even One. Single. App.
Yep.... slacker woman here.
 Without this handy gadget smartphone, I would not have captured, or even been looking for this butterfly, which alit on the butterfly bush as we completed planting our fall flowers and I rounded the driveway to head back indoors.
 Kind of like my very own butterfly pavilion.
*seriously and totally recommend you plant a butterfly bush*
Any of you have a great iPhone photo enhancement app to recommend?
I'd love to know about it.


  1. A smart phone has many benefits, including being about to take pretty good pictures. Your pictures look great! When hubs retired we went to a much less expensive option for our cell phones. If it was up to him, he wouldn't have one at all. Actually that's how I track him in a store. He's like a two-year old, wandering off...

  2. I have tried a few apps . . . and come back with liking the "normal" non adapted photos best.
    I find the iPhone, and the iPad great for my picture taking.
    Seldom use my camera anymore.
    Turn the sound off and little critters hear nothing when I am clicking away . . .

  3. I don't have lots of apps either but I do use Aviary to edit my pictures. It's great because you can brighten them, crop and all those basic things like PicMonkey. It's free too.

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