Monday, October 3, 2016

Things I Love

Admittedly, I am a shop-0-holic gal, and even if I don't click the 'buy' button it doesn't mean I don't dream about this stuff... well, although last night I dreamt about babysitting two young boys and their two goats, getting them off to school and goat day care, whilst a flock of real estate agents sleuthed through our home due to someone having listed it on 'Hot Homes'.  Ugh.

This blush colored cardigan sweater would be a much better dream.

I did purchase this scarf over the week-end, just because it's such a classic plaid.
AND, Target has such great prices.

So, who out there owns a super nice quality leather jacket?
I had a brown one..... had it for YEARS, and it was styled somewhat like this black one, but the brown one did not fit me anymore and would NEVER have fit me anymore. so I finally chose to replace it with this great looking black one from Talbots.
They were having a 25% off sale or I never would have considered the purchase...
it's more than I spend on a jacket, but considering how many years my brown one served me, I knew that this would be worth the money.
It's ordered and won't be here for about a week.
I'll let you know more about it then.
*hoping it looks sweet with the pink sweater my husband gave me for our anniversary!*
Well, okay.... so he gave me a gift card and I purchased the sweater.... details details.

We had 6-7 inches of rain this past week, over the course of just a couple of days, and it made me start thinking about rain boots... you know, the cute ones that Hunter sells.
BUT, I know they would not be warm for winter, so why buy them now, and I don't leave the house much when it's rainy, except for a grocery run, AND I also think that human feet inside rubber boots could get a bit schweddy.  The thought of schweddy feet?  Not appealing to me.
SO, no splashing around it puddles just for fun for this girl.

Our world has been a bit quiet over the past couple of weeks,
other than the pounding of my husband's tools as he ran electrical needs in the basement so that we can plug the generator directly into the house this winter when and if needed.  That business of running cords through the house/basement and up the stairs to specific appliances during power outages was not his idea of fun or convenience.... and being an (retired) electrical engineer, not only does he want things to be convenient, but the man simply needs projects in order to be happy.
Hence, our generator now plugs directly into the house, which is as it should be
and how it was at our last home.
Old Man Winter will be here before long, and we shall be ready for him.

So, that's it for a 'things I love' post.  Including the man.


  1. Love your little fashion posts . . .
    That black leather jacket looks yum!
    Yummier with the pink sweater. . .
    So was it a dream or is the house listed??

  2. I always enjoy posts like this! Yes, definitely let us know about that jacket. There are a few things at Talbots that are tempting me right now.

  3. Love the jacket! The cardigan definitely looks cozy. You're right about the Hunter boots...cute but I think they would not be warm enough. I'm impressed that your generator will be installed so you can actually use it if the need arises. We have a portable one and it is misbehaving right now...needs to go to the generator hospital.