Monday, September 5, 2016

Buzzing Wings

We didn't have many hummingbirds this year.  I know that some of you have them by the dozens, but I think the fact that our elevation may be higher than yours, that it keeps them away.  We generally have two or three, at least that's what it seems like, and I suppose that simply has to be enough.

One thing we do have is hummingbird moths, and they buzz around flowers, especially our butterfly bushes, and feed very similar to the way a hummingbird would.  They are not as great at the maneuvers of a hummingbird, but they sure do try to mimic them.
The buzzing sound is quite nice too!

Here's a video I put together.... just a short one.... of a butterfly on the bush and also a hummingbird moth on the butterfly bush in our small flowering bush area of the yard.

Plant the correct plants, the ones they love, and they will come to your yard also.

Hope you enjoy the buzzing wings of late summer.

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  1. Beautiful Butterfly Bush and the flits and buzzing . . .