Tuesday, September 6, 2016


 Our temperatures have been a wee bit sporadic lately, from the 80's and 90's, to a few days of highs in the 70's and nighttime 50's, and now back into the 80's.
It's trying to wiggle and work it's way into autumn, but it's always a process.

 And so it is that soup recipes have caught my eye....I LOVE a great piping hot bowl of soup, taking it out onto the porch and eating it there while the birds chirp, some raising quite a ruckus to be honest, but out into nature none the less, as we enjoy late summer and early fall surroundings.
THIS is the soup that I enjoyed over the past few days for a great evening meal, along with a small slice of grainy, wheat bread.
It was however a bit salty, and the next time I make it I'll use our own homemade chicken broth and possibly a low sodium ham....
*we added carrots which were not in the original recipe*
*we chopped cabbage instead of shredding it*


  1. Looks/sounds very good . . .
    Same kind of "up and down" weather here . . .
    Bring on the no humidity days, cooler nights and I will bring out the soup pot!

  2. This looks warm and delightful ♥


  3. That looks really tasty! It's not really soup without carrots...ha! We eat chili year round...and chicken soup... I had the best mushroom soup at Cheesecake Factory a couple of weeks ago. Have to look for a knockoff recipe...

  4. I love soup and i love to make it!!!