Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Couple Of Recipes

 Since I had browned bananas on hand, due to not making enough smoothies this past week, I hunted down a banana nut bread recipe online (THIS ONE) and baked a large loaf for my husband and I to enjoy while we are having this over-cast cooler spring weather.
 It was tasty, but not so much that I am sure I would use the same recipe again.
It said it would make two small loaves baked for 45 minutes, or one large loaf baked for one hour.
I went with the one loaf plan since our loaf pans are quite large.
 The center of the loaf at the top didn't seem to want to firm up, but remained a tad bit gooey when I did the toothpick test as they stated to do.
So I baked it a few minutes longer and then the crust baked a bit more brown than I would have liked.
 It wasn't a bad loaf.... just not overly tasty.  
 I am only subscribed to one magazine... there was another, but Southern Living has more articles and recipes that appeal to me.... so Southern Living is the only magazine I now receive.
 It arrived a couple of days ago... the April issue, and it had a good looking soup recipe for White Bean and Chorizo Soup.
Now, we are not huge fans of chorizo, so we substituted andouille sausage.
Our version did not come out as red as in their photo in the magazine, but that could be due to the spices in their chorizo or the fact that we substituted some tomato sauce since we did not have any tomato paste in the pantry.
Below is the photo from the magazine as well as their recipe.
We enjoyed it and it was VERY spicy....
try it sometime and let me know what you think and if you made any substitutions.
*source - photo of a photo found in Southern Living Magazine*


  1. That would be a big hit in our house and we love chorizo. Just got my magazine Friday, I'll have to check it out. :)

  2. Banana bread can be tricky...I usually bake in two small pans for better results. Trouble is, if it's in the house I eat it...oy

  3. Well, you certainly can't tell that your banana bread was bland. It looks amazing. My mouth is literally watering!

  4. I have some "browning" bananas . . .
    Guess I best get busy . . .
    I have a great recipe . . .
    and make "minis"
    less to eat
    freeze others for later.
    Soup sounds good . . .

  5. I frequently substitute for things I like or have on hand. That makes it YOUR recipe!

  6. Sure would love a BIG bowl of that soup right now!!

  7. Sure would love a BIG bowl of that soup right now!!