Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Ho Hum Heated Days Of Late Summer

 Mid August and the crepe myrtle is nearly at the end of her beauty as the heat and humidity drag the weight of the branches to the ground.  It may be time for a trim job on that mophead of hers.  LOL
 The pups hang out near the front porch,
 and the gloomy dead potted flowers have served their summer needs, no longer looking like flowers at all, but rather dead, brown weeds needed to be pulled and tossed into the forest.
*Izzy, as always, interested by a bug*
 The local preying mantis hangs onto the outside of the screen hoping to snag a hornet or two in the nest nearby.   Of course it could be a hornet that wins the battle as well.

And last but not least.... a butterfly seeking shelter from the heat in the shade of the front porch.
Summer at it's worst.
Summer at it's best.


  1. I love Crepe Myrtle trees. I had them in Mountain View. We planted them here but they never took off, although I'm not sure why because they do grow in our area. Sometimes I'd like to dig up this entire yard, put down some good soil, and start over. But we're not going to do that so we'll just do the best we can. And then there's the gophers....ugh.

  2. Love the Myrtle tree, just lovely. I can't wait till I have my new gardens are established and looking lovely like yours. Digging for new drainage has the place looking like a missile site, but I will get it fixed.

  3. You are like us....summer's end is hot but at least it's still green this year. Your crepe myrtle is stunning!

  4. Indeed . . .
    Summer has its best . . .
    And then there is the other side . . .
    Lovely crepe myrtle . . .