Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thinning Hair

 Thinning hair.  It's a sore subject with me since I have lost at least one third of the hair on my head over the past couple of years.
I first attributed it to a medication I am on, and my pharmacist said medications can and in many cases DO cause hair thinning and loss.  My hair loss started six months after starting the medication. My doctor does not seem too concerned about it since blood tests show nothing is wrong with me.
I know that my grandmother on my mom's side of the family and her sisters all had very thin hair as they aged, so genetics most likely play a role in all of this as well, and there is no changing our genes.
Still.... the hair thinning and watching strands and strands of hair wash down the drain of my shower, and show up in the brush, comb, or simply in my hands as I run through my hair after shampooing, well, it's just downright annoying.
It's annoying, disheartening and even heartbreaking that I can now see a lot of my scalp at the crown and widow's peak on my head.
I finally decided to read up on all of this and see if there was anything I could do, if not to grow the hair back, but at least slow the loss.
I found a website discussion about shampoos that have law suits against them because they are causing womens' hair to fall out, but since I was not using that particular shampoo I knew that my choice of hair product was not the problem.
I have long been a user of Paul Mitchell products and I noticed that one woman was touting Paul Mitchell's Scalp Care Anti-Thinning shampoo, Conditioner, and Tonic, so I purchased all three products a week ago.

After only a few days I noticed that less hair was falling out.
The product packaging on the tonic says that it will reduce falling out by 71%.  It's working for me, and I have no affiliation with Paul Mitchell, nor am I being compensated to say nice things about the product.

The thing is, you are supposed to use the Tonic twice a day... this has not been a problem for me since I don't use any mousse, or hair management products on my hair.  I only use the shampoo and conditioner once every other day in the shower.  I apply the tonic after towel drying my hair in the morning, and I apply the tonic in the evening sometime before going to bed.

I think if any of us has the idea that we are going to grow our hair back... we are dreaming....don't look for that kind of remedy ladies..... it's a pipe dream and probably a rip off if someone tries to sell you a miracle hair grower.
Wigs are hot.  I have one and I don't wear it because it's highly uncomfortable, especially during the summer months of the year.  
BUT, if I can stop the loss or at least slow it down by 71%, then that's the route I'll take.

There are numerous reasons we can have hair thinning and loss as we age, and I won't list them all here.  You can Google the problem and many articles listing the many reasons are available for you to read.
Thyroid, genetics, diet, illness, medications.  Talk to a doctor and perhaps the reason for you hair loss can be determined. 
This product may not work for you and decrease your hair loss, but I've noticed a big difference.

P.S.  The video shows that they use a large amount of product... I probably use a third as much shampoo as they do.  

 You may also read a 'hair loss' discussion on Brenda's blog, Cozy Little House.


  1. I am sure that can be frustrating/disheartening . . .
    I notice at certain times that I have some "fall out" too . . .
    I attribute to my diet because when I am " spot on" with eating good foods, lots of veggies . . .
    I notice little pieces of hair on the towel . . . less . . . If I am doing some of that "junk eating"
    which I am sure we all do at times . . . Everything seems to be affected . . . I look dreary,
    feel dreary and even my hair looks dreary.

  2. I appreciate your post . . .
    I am going to do some reading up on hair loss
    and check out some products too.
    My hair stylist has told me my hair is very healthy for an
    "older woman" so that was good news to me.
    I will grab onto a positive whenever I can . . .

  3. I was told in my early 40's that if I lived long enough I'd be bald...tactful dermatologist..I have an auto immune thing called Lichen planipillaris...slowly kills your roots and your hair falls out...So it goes!! No treatment, no cure

  4. I am so glad you have found a product that is helping! I dont have hair loss but ive had life long thin hair. I wear it short now and that helps