Wednesday, August 24, 2016

No Cucumbers This Year

 My husband went to the garden yesterday morning before the sun was too high in the sky, and began picking tomatoes and bell peppers.
 So far it's been a good season for the garden when it comes to growing tomatoes and bell peppers.
 but he has planted cucumbers from three different times, from three different seed packets
and they have refused to grow, which is a first for our garden.
We have cucumbers every year since starting our garden in 2013.
It's disappointing, but this has been an extremely hot summer with vast amounts of rain during June and July...
possibly too much rain, and the cucumbers seeds could not take root or simply washed away.

He built a drainage system around the garden so that heavy rains will now drain around or under the garden, I guess next year will be another chapter in our garden's history.
Hoping for cucumbers!!
 We can tomatoes each summer.  This year he has been busy with doing coding work for a client, so his hands are full.
So this morning I had a neighbor over who's husband is out of town a lot, but will return tomorrow.

 We sent her home with some of these red, round beauties after a lovely visit on the screened porch.
With the harvest we have had thus far, my husband will soon be filling the picking basket once again.
Summer bounty is a good thing and we enjoy sharing it with those around us.


  1. What gorgeous red tomatoes!! Have you tasted them yet??

  2. Beautiful 'maters! I spy some good lookin' green peppers too. Ours didn't do well this year. We have too many tomatoes to eat and not enough to preserve. Our cucumbers were sparse and don't think we'll have any more this season. Zukes went crazy, as they are prone to do. Fresh corn cut from the cob, zucchini chunks, onions and peppers make a lovely summer stir fry.

  3. Oh those tomatoes look sooooo good! We didn't get any cucumbers in our garden here in Nashville either. Not sure why-- the vines grew but didn't produce. It has been extremely hot here too!

  4. I think cukes are finicky some years mine grow great and others they just don't and I never can explain why. I finally gave up and purchase them at the farmer's market, it's easier and I don't have to weed.

  5. Beautiful tomatoes . . . well kept garden space . . .
    I hope the cukes have a better year, next year!